Well, with the help of templates I learned how to automatically test and build projects on the , push builds to in two clicks, and create tag-based releases through .

It remains to figure out how to deplocate projects on directly to the server, so as not to update the microservices of my site manually.

:blobcatread: Just for fun I wrote a parser of on in an evening: source.toby3d.me/toby3d/tree

It was efficient, fast, without panics or dependencies, with only 1 (one!) alloc/op. Later I plan to add delimiter configuration, streaming support and line cells.

While working on my own server, I got so bored with transferring QueryArgs/FormValues into structures with typechecks.

So, I seriously took up studying reflection in from scratch. Overnight I cobbled together a little parser that works with x-www-form-urlencoded data and fills in what I need into the structures via tags. And with custom types support! It works, just like encoding/json package.

Proud of myself. :blobcatcoffee:

To clarify: I did not develop , but I maintain it myself along with my own repository. I think my skills should be enough for me to further improve the instance with my own plugins.

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I'm trying to apply what I learned last week about to 2 projects. Everything goes relatively well and smoothly on , but in it's not so obvious how to be when you have "duck typing" without interfaces. :ablobthinkingeyes:

But, hey, we have "aliases" in , so that I can return everything as it was, in spite of all:

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Until recently, programming was out of politics, which allowed humanity to do many incredible things. Now, we tie our hands to aim for political correctness in the code, instead of striving for results. I am extremely disappointed.


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