When you're making a big change and it "just works" you'd better be skeptical.

Yet, whenever I do and I have just one or a few trivial things to fix I trust that it will work.

Fixing *something* gives me confidence in the code, somehow.

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A short horror story for senior devs:

Tried something.
It worked first time.

Tried it again in a slightly different way.
That worked too.

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On this date in 1903, Orville Wright made the first powered airplane flight. @xkcdComic@twitter.com puts it into perspective!

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Ooooh, I'm *THERE*!

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Now you can visit @NASAInSight@twitter.com's new home in VR - a photogrammetry scene using the raw images of the landing site sent back by the probe. @NASA@twitter.com @NASAJPL@twitter.com. steamcommunity.com/workshop/fi

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kind of a big deal

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This package right here is really, REALLY interesting right now, as @tomasekeli@twitter.com is installing it into our client-solution right now.


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Vikingskipene råtner på rot og det kommer verken nytt museum eller krisepakke fra Stortinget.

Da kan vi si takk og farvel til disse skipene og den historien de forteller oss.


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Warning, @Virrum@twitter.com and @AndreasLEkeli@twitter.com - there's a lot of CO₂ in this beer. Have a glass ready when popping the top.

Tasted the new beer. It's sweeter than I expected, and there's some esthers I'm not too happy with. It might go places, or it might not. Still waiting on feedback from the ones I've dispatched to @Virrum@twitter.com, @AndreasLEkeli@twitter.com and others.


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Breaking: Evry had remote access to the ballot counting systems they installed during the Norwegian Parliamentary Elections in 2017.

Scanning companies (2 of which are not Norwegian) are allowed to have remote access to our ballot counting systems @km_dep@twitter.com

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OK, they're all agreeing in Katowicze - great, but what are they agreeing?

Hm, suddenly Steam seems to recommend a lot of risqué VR titles. If the recommendations are algorithmic I'm guessing they've started selling a lot more of them. Could be a sign of VR mainstreaming?

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Feil på ALLE måter. Juridisk, logisk og spesielt moralsk.
1. Det er ikke ulovlig å søke asyl, og etter USAs egne regler må man være i landet for å søke.
2. Om det så hadde vært ulovlig, blir det greit å nekte folk drikkevann? Skal ulovlig grensepassering medføre dødsstraff? twitter.com/bareenmann/status/

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Dogs are to humans as humans are to elves (Tolkien). We love them. They live short, intense lives of simplicity to us. They look up to us and try to understand us, and we revel in their company. And even though they die off we remember them, miss them, get over and get new ones.

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Just a reminder this is how we're all supposed to start dressing next month

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Why are there no "Full Stack Professionals"?

I want one person who is a:

- Lawyer
- Accountant

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