I'm on a plane. About to leave Norway, heading for Amsterdam and then on to Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Tomorrow I travel to Asia for the first time in my life.

India, here I come!

Lots of holding companies in Norway are "NUF", which means they are subsidiaries of foreign (EU/EEC) companies. This lowers the capital-demands. The UK is a very popular mother-country.

What will happen to these come ?

Will the companies still be legal?

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Quick reminder that Churchill:

👉Called for the use of asphyxiating bombs against Arabs

👉Exported food from Bengal causing 4 million to die in famine (then blamed Indians for "breeding like rabbits")

👉Brutally crushed worker demonstrations with troops

"Villain" seems fair.

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I wish I had more experience with PostgreSQL. It looks like such a fine piece of software.

Oh, Opportunity is finally gone. Thanks for all the science, little one!

Of course you can run windows 95 as an electron app.

I mean, what sense would the world make if we couldn't?


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If you'd like to participate in brainstorming about this @including_no@twitter.com (no strings, you can be all talk) send me a DM and I'll send you a doodle. Planning on doing a meeting in person in Oslo - if people who are not here would like to call in, I will try to set that up. twitter.com/pati_gallardo/stat

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I made some beer that was not very good. It's been sitting in storage for a few months now.

Now it's quite OK.

Beer is strange like that. Time makes it better. Particularly time spent drinking it.

Making it right and good is actually quicker than hacking it together. Certainly when considering the re-work, but often also in the first instance.

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Det fins alltid flust med gode grunnar for å vente når det er dei lågtlønte sin tur. sv.no/blog/2019/02/07/skuffend

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Sherry is very sweet, reminds me of port.

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@Wintermute21@twitter.com yes it's public - part of our developer on boarding documentation. @tomasekeli@twitter.com did the first part explaining the domain, and I hooked up the a frontend.


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