Amazing - converting a stadium from a concert-hall to a grassed football-pitch in less than 3 days

Windows-tip: If you want to move a window with the keyboard (like if it's rendering off-screen for some reason): Alt+Space+M and then you use the arrow keys.

Saved me a couple of times.

What the f happened? Why am I suddenly followed by a thousand bots?

This is your regular reminder to use protocol-less urls on the web (i.e. "//host.test/path" instead of "http(s)://host.test/path")

The browser figures out the correct one (it uses the one it reached your site on), and you don't have to deal with it.

Today I discovered again that a test-suite that doesn't actually include data-storage is insufficient. Everything works, but falls over when saving.

Which is a very unsatisfactory version of "everything works".

Aw, my little girl came home from Greece with clothes for me to mend.

Can you send me suggestions on people to follow in Mastodon?

Yes, you!

I want more good people to follow!

Facebook apparently plans to short-cut end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp by having snooping software embedded into it before and after encryption.

If you snoop on the message before and after - what's the point of the end-to-end encryption?

My good, old Samsung S8 died today.

What's a good phone nowadays?

Android only, please.

this is the PRIMARY LIE of capitalism

if scarcity didn’t exist, if everyone could have all their basic needs fulfilled, then capitalism would have no ground to stand on.

the only reason capitalism stands on the ground it does is because it tricks you into believing that there is not enough for everyone.

if this is so true, why are the grocery stores filled with items that regularly go unsold? why do we have sectors of the economy dedicated to selling you transportation or housing?

if there were truly no scarcity, if it were eliminated outright, it wouldn’t happen under a capitalist system, because the capitalist system has a vested interest in keeping its power over you by holding the threat of scarcity over your head. for everything.

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This is really cool! A guy built a small copy of those info-signs from the train-stations for his desk (programming, soldering and 3d printing):

Agency is no more than a "quick and dirty way of contextualizing the temporal activities of entropy climbers"
- St. Rev

Gods turned out to be metaphors - supremely useful ones for making sense of the world and for imposing a power-structure.

This article postulates some new ones for our time, and is very good:

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