RT This is incredible.
Banksy artwork "Girl With Red Balloon" is auctioned at Sotheby's.
Bidding goes to £860,000 at which point it is declared sold.
Suddenly alarm goes off and shredder starts INSIDE FRAME.
Picture drops through shredder and is destroyed.


At last, the first great artwork of the XXI century

@tomasekeli Not incredible, just a well prepared show by Banksy and Sotheby’s. Really don’t see why people admire Banksy. All he/she does is playing jokes together with the rich in power. He/she is 100% part of the privileged 1%. Their favorite clown, protected by NDAs. Clever product placement. Entertaining, yes, but nothing more.

@hansup a huge part of incredible is being clever funny and impressively well prepared. I think this is all that.

@tomasekeli Agree. But I get a bit annoyed with marketed star status of somebody who just plays a superhero but probably is drinking champagne at Sotheby’s. It’s obvious, but people prefer to believe the fairy tale.

@tomasekeli Next time, Banksy should use flash paper and vaporize the artwork. At this point, it has been reduced to many slivers of the original work, but the pieces are not destroyed. They may yet be preserved and reassembled. (Heck, now they even have a viral story and documented performance piece.)

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