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This is true in software LOL. We could however not have them, its just the cost would be far more than having them :P

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får blygt farge
opnar varsamt
sin spisse munn
mot lyset og så
faldar livsviljen
krafta si ut som
kronblad etter
kronblads lys
brettar seg
til side og
viser oss

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If you don't have this yet - what's wrong with you?


It's the best game since Half-life.

It's almost free.

It's old, but so are you.

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Portal 2 is now on sale for the outrageous price of .99!! This feels like when my mom gave away my baseball cards...

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Reklamebransjen er her for å fortelle deg at grisene har det bra, at olje er bra for klima og at SAS selger bærekraftige flyreiser. Ikke tro på dine egne øyne, på fakta eller forskerne, her er noen pene mennesker og et slagord noen har betalt for.

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NEW EXTRA CREDITS: Let’s do away with the idea that save scumming is inherently bad or makes you a bad person for doing it, and focus on the designer question of how to keep your game engaging if it encourages this type of behavior! youtube.com/watch?v=BVSgVAoUm8

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IMPORTANT — If you use , you need to update it right now.

Mozilla released Firefox 67.0.3 and ESR version 60.7.1 to patch a critical vulnerability that is being exploited in the wild, allowing attackers to gain control over PCs remotely


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You know what would be awesome? If women and folks that care about women stop voting for parties that erode women’s rights. Wouldn’t it be great if misogyny actually had consequences?

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now THAT is interesting

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Virtual Reality is ready for reading code. Explore a codebase, statically and in motion. This is fantastic for getting a perspective, to grasp the important and deep parts of a codebase quickly.
And for talking about it!
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Are you kidding!? The most exciting game-project for a decade and they have Keanu Reeves!?

I'm try not to be swooned by celebrity, but *damn*.

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Yes, we love Keanu. Who doesn’t? Enjoy this moment, all over again.

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CDO of Wilhelmsen Group and Co Founder of Raa Labs Inge Sandvik introducing ShipOS and the foundation for Maritime innovation at @[email protected] together with @[email protected], @[email protected] 2019

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