RT @[email protected]: Stuff that seems crazy if you haven’t tried it:

Mob programming
Not using story points
1d sprints/no sprints
Research sprints away from keyboards
Trunk-based development
Sharing scrum master duties
UX not “getting ahead” of team

What else?

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If you want to go fast and agile you plan for low utilisation and adjust as you learn stuff.

100% utilisation means any tiny problem will stop everything.
RT @[email protected] Don't plan for more than 50% of the work you have capacity to put in your sprint.

This leaves room for adapting to change, innovation, quality and unexpected rework.

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RT @[email protected]: A little 5-by-5 matrix to help with assessing Epics and User Stories when doing stuff with a mindset. Inspired by @[email protected] and @[email protected] Scale is beer > holiday > month salary > car > house
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RT @[email protected]: 2016: "Them people are nuts!"
2018: "According to McKinsey, it makes sense to organize teams around products rather than projects. Let's do that."


RT @[email protected]: Probably the most misused concept in the brief history of Agile. Perhaps if more rooted in Deming’s work, the community would have a healthier understanding. twitter.com/neil_killick/statu


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