I honestly don’t mind paying taxes. Taxes are a flawed but useful utility that allows everyone to pay a more or less fair share towards building a communal space.

But I sure wish DOING taxes was easier.

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International observers have been refused access to the Spanish supreme court to oversee the process.


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Today the Spanish Supreme court trials begin against 12 Catalan political leaders for:

* allowing a debate in parliament
* defending a vote on independence
* organising peaceful demonstrations

They each face potentially 25 years in prison. These *innocent* people have already been held in prison for up to 14 months.

In Europe. In 2019.

Hey Fediverse. Any suggestions for FOSS mind mapping software?

You learn something new every day: Amazon Prime has five times more movies than Netflix. Wow. Aside from marketing, tenure, etc, I guess what sets Netflix as the go-to platform is the production of all those original shows. They really have nailed it.

Today's recommendation is this YouTube channel called Oversimplified. Amazingly amazing. Want to understand complex historical issues in just a few minutes? Give it a try. youtube.com/user/Webzwithaz

Amazon's Ring security cameras might have been manually accessed by company employees – able to see everything that was being recorded. theintercept.com/2019/01/10/am

Why is it important that Apple doesn't stagnate? Because it is the one major OS vendor that both seems to respect privacy and has the economic incentives to follow up on that respect.

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What's the best FOSS for reading PDF files?

I've spent 2018 in: Buenos Aires, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Mexico City, Miami, San Francisco, Santiago de Chile and São Paulo. :blobcheer:

hey guys it's my birthday can i get some boosts!

AOSMark - Android OS upgrade scores for phone manufacturers aosmark.com/

Riot launched its new beta interface for early adopters to test it. Give it a try at riot.im/experimental and please submit feedback. 🙏

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