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I mostly post about personal matters. Microblogging helps me reflect and sort out my thoughts and experiences. A vague theme is health—mental and physical.

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So... I might need some more .

Got a tab in the web client that tracks a series of tags (any of: CreativeCommons, PublicDomain FreeCulture CC0 Licenceartlibre) which worked for a few days, but today it doesn't load anything (just shows "load more") and I get a sneaky little popup in the corner with error "500" (internal server error?).

Wondering if I'm hitting my head against a here or what. :)

U kno someone did an app right when all u wanna do is use it even when u dont need it

Gloom and Coup look fun. Curious about Settlers of Catan too.

People on have eyes that look like the killers' in Bird Box.

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I'm so picky when it comes to people. I'm in awe of those who make friends with everyone.

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