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I'm studying , hoping to get into . I like , , and . When I was in high school I really liked , and one of my favorite parts of chem was learning about electronic and molecular structures. I'm a and generally like visual things, so that explains my affinity for conceptual things (like processes/structures). I like mostly for the aesthetics but I do love me some fun facts too.

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Games I've played. I've probably left out a lot so I'll reply here if I remember some more.

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the short version:
I'm into:
- the internet generally (lol)
- some games
- outside/social activities (so vague 😬 )
- computer-generated music
- movies generally
- some anime/manga
- art/aesthetics

I'm probably the person with the vaguest "interests" I know. :blobcry:

The long version:

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I mostly post about personal matters. Microblogging helps me reflect and sort out my thoughts and experiences. A vague theme is health—mental and physical.

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People who let their children sprawl out on the floor in a store: why?

No recuerdo mucho de mis clases de Español en escuela. Me hace triste.


What a perfect-looking the cat real?


After I get through this week I am so watching the dragonman movie

Did just get into music because of her crush and then her entire magical girl motif became music? That's like anti-gatekeeping and I love it.

@toro I've forgotten my learner's permit... thrice

IK I posted about this a lot already but I'm excited to see if I can pull off the cute pixie cut look.

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IDK if I posted about this already but I always thought YunoHost was read "Y U no host?"

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