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Sorry everyone this account became 95% horntposting

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I'm studying , hoping to get into . I like , , and . When I was in high school I really liked , and one of my favorite parts of chem was learning about electronic and molecular structures. I'm a and generally like visual things, so that explains my affinity for conceptual things (like processes/structures). I like mostly for the aesthetics but I do love me some fun facts too.

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Games I've played. I've probably left out a lot so I'll reply here if I remember some more.

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the short version:
I'm into:
- the internet generally (lol)
- some games
- outside/social activities (so vague ๐Ÿ˜ฌ )
- computer-generated music
- movies generally
- some anime/manga
- art/aesthetics

I'm probably the person with the vaguest "interests" I know. :blobcry:

The long version:

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I mostly post about personal matters. Microblogging helps me reflect and sort out my thoughts and experiences. A vague theme is healthโ€”mental and physical.

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It's probably for the best since I should get a move on, anyway.

You ever just accidentally press back twice and all of the scrolling you did is gone?
That feeling.

Back and Forth by Haywire

Ahh. A classic from my underclassman high school days.

Bless my crush's heart but apparently next semester the DnD club will be advertised, and that means other DMs. It's hard to enjoy DnD because everyone in my group is new to it so it's just a hot mess.

Apparently I'm much better at driving when my seat is raised high that my head is only a little ways from the car ceiling ๐Ÿ˜‚ I feel silly, but if that's how I'll get to be safer, I should just roll with it. At least I manage without the wheel being close to my chest.

Was on voice with friends and watched them battle each other in Pokemon Showdown. Crush and his friend is pretty good, they always have close games. My girlfriends had a lot of fun, too. They were the very lively bunch, hehe.

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I wonder what's going on in other social media/forums nowadays. I've been exclusively on the Fediverse for months, now.

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