Honestly, like 90% of "should we treat robots like people?" sci-fi narratives are almost inexcusably lazy, because they're willfully ignoring the much more uncomfortable reality.

How can we be willing to acknowledge whether or not robots should be treated like people, without acknowledging the reality that people are already being treated like robots.

@Dayglochainsaw but the whole point of the "should robots be given rights" trope is exactly about this!

The stories originated from a time when the only way (white male) writers could make a statement about the inequalities in society and get them published was by hiding it within a work of "what-if" fiction.

And as you say, still relevant today.

SF are nice stories on one level, on another level they allow society a safe way of mentally exploring and challenging the status quo.

I mean yeah but ngl, this entire thread was just the result of me thinking about how bad Detroit: Become Human was


@Dayglochainsaw @Andrea I just saw the first post of this thread and immediately thought of how bad Detroit: Become Human is

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