@toro @Eidon

It must be something genetic.

My 2 yo daughter has the same issues I have, with this! 🤣

@Shamar @toro yeah right, it's the only possible explqnqtion! ^_^

@Shamar @Eidon Honestly I wouldn't be surprised. My whole family on both sides seem to have issues with this.

@tija it's tragically beautiful: an unattainable dream

@tija alternatively, a nightmare: a tale of hellish obligation

@toro going to bed on time is for normies bc they're lives are boring af

easier with a wiiu instead of a switch 😁

@toro it's a legend because that never actually happened

@toro its an open world game. you can go to bed anywhere in the world

@toro the DLC "Cooking for yourself instead of getting takeout again you animal" is also pretty difficult.

Le DLC "Cuisiner pour toi même au lieu de commander un pizza, tu animale." est tres difficile aussi.

@toro This is the Dark Souls of personal responsibilities

@toro Haha, that's an impossible game, have fun 😀

@toro especially when your stomach disagrees and you have to sit on toilet for a few hours

@toro forget dark souls, I'll give up on this game before the tutorial even starts

@toro I've started that game a bunch of times but never quite finished it

@toro screw that, I’m still on my winter break, I can sleep after 11pm all I want!

@Odi I don't even see the sun anymore, except for when I'm about to sleep

@toro depending on your system, you may need to use mods to make it function correctly 💊 🛠️ 🧠

@toro why you gotta put this on my timeline at 1am I am doin my best

@toro I hear that game is harder than Dark Souls, I Wanna Be The Guy, and Surgeon Simulator combined. Each day passes in the fraction of a second.

@toro I've tried this one a lot. Difficulty is too high, repetitive level design and an unsympathetic protag.

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