Tired: I can barely use OSM
Wired: I can contribute so much to OSM

"Alright! Done with that note!
These other two don't seem to be too urgent."
*pans screen, revealing about 15 notes*

Reading the "User group" OSM Wiki making me quiver in desire to have a mapping club in my school. I wouldn't know how to organize one though.

Is it okay to just mark houses using Point..? There's so many, drawing the area shape for each doesn't seem worth it for now.

I have a great motivator for drawing houses... taking a screenshot showing a high count! :thinka:

I want to be known as... [local area name] house mapper angel.

I should take it easy on myself and pull up a mouse instead of trembling over a trackpad (lol)

Ono... JOSM keeps closing before I can do anything

I wanna trace something new on the map but it's so new there's no satellite image of it yet

@toro join your local OSM Telegram group. They may help you with organising a club.

@nur Ohh I didn't know there are OSM Telegram groups! Do you know how I can find one?

@toro umm. Sure . Just tell me where do you live

@nur ๐Ÿ˜‚ There isn't a page somewhere like on the Wiki?

@toro It'd be better if you can draw those shapes. Points aren't really ideal for denoting houses.

Wait till you discover JOSM with the BuildingTools plugin

@toro Have you tried Mapillary or OpenStreetCam? There might be some imagery there?

If not, you can always physically go there, take your own Mapillary/OSC photos or write things down, and just map that way

@toro We've had this discussion in our community, and the consensus is that it's okay. We'd rather have nodes than badly traced buildings.

@GOwin That's good to know! It's been getting difficult keeping the motivation to draw accurate boxes (lol)

@toro There many good (and bad) reasons to use JOSM ๐Ÿ˜œ . Drawing building footprints with the buildings plugin makes this easy-peasy.

@GOwin That sounds awesome ๐Ÿ˜ Once I figure out how to get it to start I'd probably use it all the time

@toro @GOwin

start by checking out JOSM modules in learnosm.org, although iD is a nifty editor already.

@toro Yes. With buildings, you can also specify the number of storeys, elevation and entrance gate. That's pretty cool IMO.

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