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Dear fellow ,

Thanks a lot for stopping by, finding something interesting and maybe following me ☺️

If you did so, please kindly drop me a toot and introduce yourself to me, so that I know who you are and I like to follow you as well 😊

I try to spend my limited time with good interaction, where we all may profit from, and don't want to waste our time.

Thanks for understanding and for being part of the ! 👍

P.S.: I often use inappropriate language without CW 😎

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Mission "MOSAiC": Es ist die größte Arktisexpedition aller Zeiten: Ein Jahr bleibt das Forschungsschiff "Polarstern" eingefroren. In drei Monaten ist es bereits 700 Kilometer mit dem Eis gewandert. Nun gibt es die ersten Filmaufnahmen.

@jezra I don't know, to be honest. Let's try. I have your address now btw.

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A wild postcard arrived and made me smile! I still need to get that address of @jezra somehow. Someone can help via PM, please? And a smiling "thank you, Sir!" to Jezra 😊

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Frage an den Mastodon-Schwarm. Welche freie und quelloffene Software wird in Schulen eingesetzt?

Angefangen bei der Verwaltung des Schulnetzwerks, über Betriebssystem bis hin zu Anwendungen.

Bin da gerade am Sammeln und freue mich über Input.

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Peertube has scripts that allows you to upload a complete YouTube-Channel to a desired peertube account.

That way, you can also automatically mirror YouTube-Channels to a PeerTube Channel, from e.g. your laptop.

You don't have to own the instance, you just need an account on that instance.


Boost appreciated :) cc @Framasoft


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RT @[email protected]

Dentist: "Have you been flossing?"
Me: ..........
Dentist: ..........
Me: "Do you ensure all of your web account passwords are unique, especially for things like bank websites?"
Dentist: ..........
Me: ..........
Dentist: "So, see you in 6 months?"
Me: "Sure"


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Ich hab mal bei für das gleiche Hotel mit unterschiedlichen User agents/Browsern gesucht (jeweils natürlich die Cookies gelöscht) In Klammern, in welcher Reihenfolge sie aufgerufen wurden:

(3) macos 322,15€
(4) ipad 354,01
(6) iphone 296,38€

(1) android tablet Samsung firefox 319€

(2) windows firefox/edge 269,70€
(5) tor browser 322€

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The UK is currently cooking on about 12.5GW of wind energy (about 37% of our load) - I think that's a record. It was a bit lower over night, but still electricity prices went very negative in the early hours. Although they were still running some gas (about 2.5GW) and a touch of coal (about 0.7GW - I guess so they didn't have to let it cool down)

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Im April kündigten wir ein Crossover mit den großartigen "Kack & Sachgeschichten" an.
Heute ist es endlich soweit!
Wir besprechen in fast vier Stunden die Figur des Jokers und lassen dabei kaum eine Facette aus.

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I have planned some improvements with Fedilab.

#Mastodon :
- I will replace the discover users feature (currently done via the Trunk API) with the profile discovery.

#Pixelfed :
- History! I am on it.

#Friendica :
- Huge improvements planned. Even the cross-account actions.
- Its custom layout/actions like for Peertube or Pixelfed.

My first Smartwatch was a Casio Data Bank CA53w-1 and it not only had a calculator, it even could store phone numbers! 😂 All my school buddies numbers with me! Wheeehoooo! 😎 What was your first techy watch and why?

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10.000 #Threema Lizenzen hat sich das Erzbistum Freiburg besorgt und in der ganzen Erzdiözese durch Ihre "threemANGEL" verteilen lassen.

Es soll der Weg weg von Whatsapp, hin zu einer Datenschutzkonformen Lösung sein.

#Datenschutz #Messenger

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