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Dear fellow ,

Thanks a lot for stopping by, finding something interesting and maybe following me ☺️

If you did so, please kindly drop me a toot and introduce yourself to me, so that I know who you are and I like to follow you as well 😊

I try to spend my limited time with good interaction, where we all may profit from, and don't want to waste our time.

Thanks for understanding and for being part of the ! 👍

P.S.: I often use inappropriate language without CW 😎

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Nach einem halben Jahr des Stillstandes und stillen Beobachtens der Entwicklungen haben wir nun mit Planungen für die #CLT2021 begonnen.

Und wem, wie uns, die #CLT2020 gefehlt haben, der darf jetzt trotzdem so tun, als ob sie stattgefunden hätten:

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Is there any trick to make battery spend a bit longer on pinephone? One hour doing nothing since last charge and it's in 50%.


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What is the #Fediverse's recommendation for an #XMPP (#Jabber) client on #iOS (#iPhone)?

I've had a friend test both Siskin IM and ChatSecure. But from what they told me, both would appear to be inferior to Conversations on Android. Can anyone confirm / deny this?

Retoot welcome...

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So und nun funktionieren auch alle Stream der #datenspuren2020 und können hier: angeschaut werden.. Inkl. #mnetest

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I'm gonna shutdown the ubuntu social instance for now, maybe forever. I'd recommend finding a new instance. 10 days notice. It goes down at the end of the month.

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Kennt Einer von Euch vielleicht einen RSS-Feed, der neue Applikationen oder Applikationsupdates bei Snaps ankündigt? -

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FOSS equivalent of Google MyMaps

Is there a similar tool of Google MyMaps but #FOSS?
Better if based on #openstreetmap
My need is pin some location on a #map and save it/create a link or something, maybe via web browser.
Thanks in advance!
#askfediverse #osm

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More #supplychainsecurity for #nitropad?

Measured Boot, separate Nitrokey shipment, sealed screws.

What else? Sealed bag! :)

#openhardware #itsecurity

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Nachdem wir #Mastodon auf unserer Instanz ein Jahr lang ausgiebig getestet haben, öffnen wir sie heute für die Öffentlichkeit.

Kommt mit uns ins #Fediverse und hört auf, euch von Tech-Giganten ausforschen, ausbeuten und aufhetzen zu lassen!

Im Fediverse gibt es Alternativen zu Twitter, Facebook und Instagram, und sie sind keineswegs menschenleer.

Das Fediverse ist selbstverwaltet, und unsere Mastodon-Instanz ist ein Teil davon – mit eigenen Regeln.

Wir berechnen für jeden Account 1€/Monat uns sorgen so dafür, dass unser Mastodon-Server langfristig erhalten bleibt und bei Bedarf mit den Anforderungen wachsen kann.


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Well this is refreshing..don't think I've ever been to a site that recommends using an adblocker. Awesome! Way to be!

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Is anyone using #gnucash and can tell me how you enter or define the "initial balance" of an account (after already starting to use it)?

What I mean, usually you don't start with a fresh bank account, but with a used one...and usually there is some money already.

Of course, there are possibilities how to solve this, but I would be interested in the CORRECT approach. Couldn't find anything in the documentation so far.


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So according to #Pleroma instance settings, Pleroma Relay, if enabled, allows following another instance.

Great, but how to do that?!? I haven't found either at the admin level, nor at the account level.


Wo kauft man heutzutage bedruckte/bunte/schöne und waschbare MNS Masken, die dennoch ein gutes Schutzniveau haben? Danke für eure Hinweise!

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I want to develop a new browser from scratch. Where can I find a curated list of web standards and APIs I should implement? My Google fu is failing me. Help?

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Threema wird bald Open-Source - jedenfalls der Client: "In den kommenden Monaten werden wir zusätzlich den Quellcode der Threema-Apps vollständig offenlegen und reproduzierbare Builds ermöglichen."

Das ist natürlich klasse! Fehlt nur noch der Serverpart.

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On a #Pixelfed install, would a kind soul tell me where I can find the .env configuration environment file? The official doc does not say where it is located, and I'm at a loss. I've checked here and there under /var/www/pixelfed/ but haven't come up with it.

The web admin panel supposedly allows editing it, but nothing I do changes it so I'm going to have to edit it from ssh (which I'm not very comfortable with tbh, but one's gotta do what one's gotta do 🙄 ).


Considering the actual development of Google removing Fediverse Apps from the Play Store: is there a howto on how to migrate GPlay version of @fedilab to FDroid version without loosing all settings and so on?

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