I have recently setup #LiberaPay if you want to help cover the costs for this instance. (en.liberapay.com/xvilo/) Just updated the short description to add the liberpay badge + edit the title for the statistics, it will now show the server statistics for the frontend node you're connected to.

@xvilo Mate, Send me that link for "One Off" payments I prefer to do that tbh.

@dick_turpin you could use any of the following:
- monzo.me/semschilder (card)
- bunq.me/xvilo (iDeal/Sofort)
- paypal directly to [email protected] ;)

I was thinking of maybe adding a stripe button to the longer about description. Maybe i'll do that once.

@dick_turpin You'll now have 2 weeks of read and write access with Mastodon Premium™️. After that you will be downgraded to Mastodon Free™️ and will only be able to read.

@xvilo Love the "View Payment History" by the way. When I was doing a Podcast we had (Have) a "Transparency Page" that let all donaters know where we were spending the money. We looked around at some of our contemporaries and were dismayed that it looked like they were getting pretty good support and yet never really said 'what' was being actually spent on the show(s).

@dick_turpin Well the 6 euro's from patreon and 0 from Liberapay aren't that much, I will pay for it, as long as i can spend your money on food :3

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