First contact with alternative Android ROMs was in 2013 on my LG 4X HD phone. It was CyanogenMod 11 and somehow I am stuck with it since then, although it is called LineageOS these days. 😎 What alternative ROM do you use?


@tpheine I have not made the leap really. I have been running stock android for a while now since I have gone through a Nexus 5 (dead), a Pixel (decom - bad battery), Pixel XL (media and travel phone) and a Pixel 2.

Partially I have not done it as all but the Pixel XL were work supplied phones that I was not supposed to tamper much with.

I wouldn't flash work phones as well. But for me I only consider buying a phone when there is a stable alternative ROM available.

@tpheine @MunkyBone Do people still do that? Flash their phones? I haven't seen anyone talk about that for well over five years now.

@dick_turpin Here and there I hear about it. I was looking to flash my old tablet to get rid of the Samsung bloatware, but I saw complaints about intermittent wifi and the like, so I have not bothered. @tpheine

@tpheine @MunkyBone
I agree with that idea: only buy a phone, for which a stable LineageOS is available.
Switched my old Moto E2 to LineageOS without gApps a few months ago and for me this feels like a taste of freedom. And on top, instead of stock-Android 6 i got Android 7. Not bad so far.
Same with my much older Samsung Tab 10.1, which switched from Android 4 to Android 6.

@sonak I think that is the same tablet I have. I would have to check the model to be sure. @tpheine

@MunkyBone @tpheine
it'a a Samsung SM-T530.
It was hard to find an unofficial image, that works for me.
After testing several ones, i found one that is working fine except camera. If this is ok for you, i can send the link.
You will need odin to unlock the bootloader. It is a Windows software, i haven't found anything else for this step.

@sonak Pretty much have the exact same one. T530NU. Might be just a regional difference. Would love a link if you got one handy. Much appreciated. @tpheine

@MunkyBone @tpheine
There is a ROM exactly for your device T530NU at
but that one (Version ..20170319..) failed on my T530.
I prefere (and use) Version ..20180812.. made by gpancot, which you find at

Unlocking the bootloader with odin is a bit tricky, but a soon as you have installed TWRP it's easy to test several different ROMs.
More Infos at

@sonak Spiffy. I might be tinkering with this over the weekend then once I am done at the range. Thank you! @tpheine

Indeed it's about the freedom. I switched over to Xiaomi phones 2 years ago. Pretty decent hardware for a cheap price. But you don't want the Chinese apps and stuff. So Xiaomi offers global ROMs and unlocked bootloaders. Hence pretty awesome official Lineage support. Additionally they have Android One phones in their portfolio.

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