Beautiful! Although I am late: hello Tigg 😎

@tpheine o> that was moving offices day at work. It turned into a long day, but we got critical systems up first, so once we got the big displays up we put Cricinfo on the the third one so we could follow the Ashes test :)


I understood nearly nothing, except that you had a long Friday with hard work. Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend?

@tpheine It didn't help the picture didn't attach :)

Also it involved cricket, and I don't know where to start on that :)

Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

@tig @tpheine I've done an office move once; about 15 years ago; I'm not sure I've recovered yet.
(The mail server did get stuck in the lift of the old building, but hey that wasn't the most stressful part)

@penguin42 @tpheine
lol been through too many now but speaking of mailservers I remember bunging one in a director's RX-8 to take to the colo with minimal downtime, faster than a transit :) (the mail just sat at the 2ndary MXes while we shifted it :)

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