The most relaxing moment after weeks of having visitors - when the Roomba finally cleans the floor and you can take a loooooong shower :)

@tpheine I tried. I failed. The thermostat on my shower broke and now it’s only offering very hot water. Le sigh.

Oh dear, that's bad luck. At least now is Monday and you (or a plumber) can fix it.

@tpheine I patched it for the moment. Will install a more permanent solution later. 3D printer to the rescue :)


Wow 😲 If you can spare a minute, could you please tell me, which one and why and what software you use? I really struggle hard with 3D printing and can't find a way to dive into it. You ask 2 people and get 3 opinions and unfortunately all opinions are expert level. Is there something user friendly, where I can learn with my kids?

@tpheine I would start with something small and simple. I wouldn't waste a lot of money. If small build size is acceptable, something like this is cool and fun:

Comes ready to run, has a decent enough manual and good support AFAICS.

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