Dear fellow ,

Thanks a lot for stopping by, finding something interesting and maybe following me ☺️

If you did so, please kindly drop me a toot and introduce yourself to me, so that I know who you are and I like to follow you as well 😊

I try to spend my limited time with good interaction, where we all may profit from, and don't want to waste our time.

Thanks for understanding and for being part of the ! πŸ‘

P.S.: I often use inappropriate language without CW 😎

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@tpheine hello there, I'm Tracey aka Mrs A. I love cats, dogs, dragons, crochet, steampunk, food and chatting nonsense. I too am likely to drop the occasional F bomb and similar without warning, although I've found nothing here as yet thats made me go off on one

Hello Tracey, nice to have you in the Fediverse! Steampunk, food and swearing sounds totally charming to me. Although I try to get into Solarpunk these days, for reasons 🀣

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a toot, looking forward to some quality interactions. Please note I often share German and English content, but my own toots are English only. Have a nice weekend!

@tpheine I am trying to view tweets in languages other than English as a nice way to learn a few words, although it does come with problems. Google translate changed the German word for tweet to the German word for killed today, and changed the vibe of someones toot altogether πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚

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