I might soon buy a Lenovo again...

Coming soon: Fedora on Lenovo laptops! - Fedora Magazine

Today, I’m excited to share some big news with you—Fedora Workstation will be available on Lenovo ThinkPad laptops! Yes, I know,  many of us already run a Fedora operating system on a Lenovo system, but this is different. You’ll soon be able to get Fedora pre-installed by selecting it as you customize your purchase. This …


Without being mean, just due to real interest: what's so nice of this news? I assume it's because a big company uses Linux as default?

HP (I guess) tried this years ago with Ubuntu and the whole Linux world gone crazy, as they were superior enough to install a better Linux theirself. And the Windows world jumped on the wagon and said nothing works on Linux. They stopped it due to low interest an high complaints.

@tpheine @navigium you can get a nice laptop with Linux on it (I like Lenovo laptops but got dell b/c it had Linux on it)

I am actually very impressed by the portfolio of Tuxedo Computers.


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