I might soon buy a Lenovo again...

Coming soon: Fedora on Lenovo laptops! - Fedora Magazine

Today, I’m excited to share some big news with you—Fedora Workstation will be available on Lenovo ThinkPad laptops! Yes, I know,  many of us already run a Fedora operating system on a Lenovo system, but this is different. You’ll soon be able to get Fedora pre-installed by selecting it as you customize your purchase. This …

@Thomas I can get a Lenovo or a Dell in Switzerland without the whole customs hassle and I have a Swiss address to send it back to if it doesn't work. Tuxedo doesn't. That's why I can't be bothered with Tuxedo. As soon as they get an office in Switzerland or simplify shipping and warranty handling for Swiss customers, I'm in.

That's a good point. Forgot that CH is not EU.

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