PSA - I use the #cw content warning feature only as an exception. I have been informed that parts of the #fediverse use this feature much more often. If you rely on cw for the majority of toots in your timeline, you should NOT follow me. This should be a safe space for you in whatever way you prefer to use it. If you rely on cw for that, I am NOT a good candidate to follow. Thx.

I added this to my Pixelfed account as well, when I heard that food and person fotos are considered offensive and require CW.

@tpheine I was asked to use it for talking about the election.


I thought so. It adds perfectly to my list of "why?". I don't agree on all of your toots, but it costs me less than 1sec to scroll over it and forget it, where telling you that I don't like it costs me minutes and uses my brain more than needed.

And the most obvious disgusting part is: I still follow and like you. You're not my opinion? Great! I can learn from you and proof or change my opinion. Or at least have a great discussion. Cheers

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