Hello @opensourcegardens can you please help me find some tomato sorts and seeds that can be used in hydroponics indoor gardens that grow max between 30 and 40cm in height?

Thank you very much! Boosts appreciated.

@tpheine @opensourcegardens Tumbling Tom, a trailing cherry variety, yellow or red.
Ola Polka, Bush variety, yellow medium sized fruit and a heavy cropper

@tpheine The Ola Polka are particularly sweet tomatoes. I grew 2 plants this year and they accounted for a large part of my tomato crop. The Tumbling Toms have early ripening cherry sized fruit, very sweet and very productive, but they need room to trail down, I put them in pots with another pot upside down underneath.

Cherry sized sounds great for my indoor hydroponics system. What size is Ola Polka?

@tpheine Ola Polka is the larger yellow fruit. the smaller ones are tumbling tom.

The height is perfect, but I expect the plants to break under the weight. I mean, it's a hydroponics system, so very very optimized.

Ordered Tumbling Tom Red and yellow, Fuzzy Wuzzy and Yellow Canary. Didn't find Ola Polka.

@tpheine @opensourcegardens Koralik tomatoes stay small, they look like a bushy version of one of those miniature Christmas trees you put on the sideboard. So maybe those.

@tpheine @opensourcegardens Je weniger Licht, desto höher wachsen die Tomaten. Du wirst das nur mit massiver künstlicher Beleuchtung hinkriegen.
Professionelle Tomatenpflanzenzüchter arbeiten außerdem mit Hormonen - auch die Produzenten von "Muttertagsröschen". Wenn man die anschließend in den Garten setzt, bekommt man ganz normale Polyantharosen.
Vermutlich ist es mit den kleinen Tomatenbüschen voller Früchte genauso. Hier kannst du suchen:

Vielen Dank für den tollen Link! Ich habe tatsächlich ein hydroponic System mit Licht und allem Drum und Dran, damit die maximale Ausbeute erreicht werden kann.

@tpheine @opensourcegardens I'm not aware of seeds meeting both requirements. I'd start with any organic seeds from pure bushy plants and a trial-and-error approach. It may also depend on your hydroponics setup (light conditions and the like)...
In any case I'd love to hear about your experiences....

I had to replace my first Cocktail Tomato Rotkäppchen plants, as they grew more than 80cm and broke. The artificial lights are at 40cm height. Anyway, I have ordered Tumbling Tom seeds, as recommended by @wyliecoyoteuk , Fuzzy Wuzzy and Yellow Canary. Let's see if this will work.

@tpheine @wyliecoyoteuk God luck! I wasn't successful with my Tumbling Toms, most likely bad luck with the seed charge (they would not germinate, quite unusual for tomato seeds). But the tomatoes of the only plant were delicious!

@organictraveller @tpheine I actually bought mine as established seedlings because I had germination failures. In fact 2 seedlings cost about the same as a packet of seed.

@wyliecoyoteuk @tpheine The bushy tomatoes which work well for me in smaller pots on the balcony are 2nd generation of a plant I bought at an organic farmers' market w/out knowing the variety. But I could harvest some seeds and s-mail.

@organictraveller @tpheine here are photos of my tumblers and Ola Polka. they are nearly finished now, but I have been picking tomatoes since may.

@organictraveller @tpheine
Some tomatoes are hybridised, in which case the seeds that you take from the adult plant may be sterile, or if they do grow, they are not true to type.

@wyliecoyoteuk @tpheine So long taking seeds from organic tomatoes worked nicely for me, but this year I probably had one plant from a hybridised variety: beautiful plant, flowering nicely - but the fruits would not develop at all.

@tpheine @organictraveller If you pinch out the growing tip at around 30cm, the plants will spread from lower down, and form more bushy growth.

@tpheine @organictraveller The length of the artificial day can have a big influence. Plants do most of their growing at night.

@tpheine @organictraveller you might want to try bell peppers, as there are varieties that will produce 8 or more ripe peppers and only grow about 30cm.

I grow 3 bell pepper plants. 3 baby leaf salads and 3 Mexican baby cucumber. And hopefully 3 tomatoes soon.

@tpheine mexican baby cucumbers? Are those cucamelons?

I have a lot of room, except the small cage where they are planted in. But they can grow nearly without limit, except height.

@tpheine this year's cucamelon. Probably 1.75m tall and 2.5 wide. They are delicious, but I had poor pollination and a small crop.

How are you growing yours?

Alright, this is huge! I may check out the seed descriptions a bit closer. Anyway, the seed collection I was starting with was for indoor gardening usage. And yes, I guess it was not correct and I will get deeper into the best plants for my experiment.

However, I have an indoor hydroponics system: artificial light and wind, approx. 30x40cm and 50cm height. It's for 12 plants.

@tpheine I am very interested in the cukes you have; and I would love to see your gardening setup.
@tpheine That's a nifty setup, some pruning might be needed for the cucumbers :)

Thank you. I also guess that a lot of pruning needs to be done 😂

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