I am so very grateful that they switched off 3G in Germany in favor of 4G and 5G, so I can have the nostalgic feeling of better days from the past again 😍

Or is it the deceleration everyone talks about? πŸ€”

Germany, fuqyes!

Alright, my self made air quality sensors for Luftdaten.info measured the pressure waves from the vulcano eruption in Tonga as well.


Didn't have the best day today, but @tig made me smile and saved it! Thank you very much, highly appreciated! /Me tips my hat to you

We are thinking of our Canadian friend @MunkyBone today.

Japanese Pancakes and Canadian Maple Syrup.

Tom, your great ☺️ just saying!

Manjaro Live System booted from USB with open source drivers. Correct use of screen. Now running the installer.

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Dear Linux experts, I require your help, please: Manjaro doesn't use the full screen after an update (see photo).

I have checked the screen settings (resolution...) and they totally look right to me.

Any ideas what this could be and where I can look for it and what I can do to solve it? Thanks a lot, boosts appreciated.

For my snowy friends @MunkyBone and @NYbill and of course @jezra in the warmer west. Cheers!

Donated 10€ to my favourite privacy keeper , as an appreciation of their great work!

Donated 10€ to my favourite maker @codenaga from compendion.net, as an appreciation of Arne's great work!

Donated again 5€ to my favourite instance mstdn.io @admin , as an appreciation of @angristan 's great work!

Donated again 5€ to my favourite app @[email protected] , as an appreciation of Thomas' great work!

Drove to the lake to enjoy the weather and empty streets. Been caught by the damn cops. Fuq the !

Guten Morgen! dear fellow Fedizens 😊 I enjoy a Latte. And you?

Air quality sensor up and running. Check.

Built with the kids last weekend and now also integrated to luftdaten.info . I guess I may upgrade it with pressure and noise sensor. Somewhen.

The outcome of yesterday's for .

Ping @claudiom

sweet peppers filled with ground meat, bacon pieces, spring onions and Feta cheese and finished with a Gouda cheese topping. Served on a wild rice bed.

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