Do, uh, anyone hve any advice for building up a github portfolio for prospective employers?

After I quit, I rushed into a bunch of interviews for IT positions and ended up shutting down everyone who responded to me. I have nine years IT experience and I cannot fathom touching an IT ticket system ever again.

been a couple weeks since i left my IT job. Slowly been appreciating a normal passage of time and having nice day to days of hanging out with my fanily and doing small house projects

In a positive update from February, I straight up quit my job with nothing lined up. I gave my two weeks, got my references and that was that. My wife supports me 100% in this, and I finally feel like I’m getting to see what living life outside of work is.

That anecdote about the SF tech commune was interesting because tech used to have a purpose of helping people. like, host a community bulletin board, and the mainframe was secondary. Tech feels so souless now becuase tech is the point of tech. Dont ask how Microsoft can help you, you are asked how you can help Microsoft. and Amazon/Google/Facebook/Apple etc

I read the book Broad Band by Claire Evans and she wrote about Project One, a commune in San Francisco back in the day, which got their hands one a mainframe. They were hosting a bbs back in the early seventies, and I think they setup terminals in local shops so people could log in

Back in the day I worked for some older folks who were young activists in the sixties and seventies. A lot of them moved to the area because they were living in self organized communes. This was in rural New England. They spent their time growing food and publishing literature on physical presses. One time they were in a fight with a rival commune, so they showed up in the middle of the night with a pickup truck and stole the rival’s printing press. Just wild

I tried to find a local therapist. The only call I got back said there next opening is in four months.

We have a telehealth app that offers mental health. I tried to book something on that but there was a mobile app error. i was on the phone with technical support for an hour and the best they could do was “tell engineering”.

Starting to realize I am burned out at work. Every little task feel impossible. I’ve missed a couple of deadlines and started getting emails from coworkers that noticed. I was holding it together but I learned in a roundabout way that we will not be hiring any more IT people. It will still just be me and only me

Good thing I slept on this TrueNAS potato PC upgrade. I was planning on having 2 HDDs and 1 SSD, but didn’t even consider if the PSU could handle it. Low and behold, there are only 2 power cables coming out of the psu.

Have a potato PC I was thinking of using to run or core I guess. Its a Dell Inspiron 600S, and has two SATA II 3GB ports. I can remove the cd bay, and cram 2x drives and 1x ssd. Here is where I’m stuck. If I get a pci-express card to add more SATA ports, will my mobo support SATA III? Also, since TrueNAS runs BSD, am I sol on drivers for an expanded PCI-E SATA upgrade?

Working on digitizing some other DVDs I have, and have been learning as I go. I digitized a Cowboy Bebop DVD, and when I went back to check the files, realized I only got the japanese dubs with no subtitles! Figured out how to fix that, and also learned hs a plugin for opensubtitles, so the server can automagically download SRTs

Got my Jellyfin server up and running. My first video I streamed was Addams Family (1991). I told my wife “Hey look what I set up!”, and she immediately became engrossed in the movie. This is one of my more successful self hosted projects.

Looking back in my toot history, I realize I have been on this site for two years!! time sure does fly

working on my weekend project. trying to get an old rpi3 to run

Realized my instance hs not been saving articles since August 😭

I primarily save articles using an iOS Wallabag app, so I still need to see if the problem is replicated on a desktop web browser. iOS app test connection is successful, but cant makr heads or tails of github open issues. Maybe its an issue with the current Yunohost Wallabag app version?

Realized I never did a proper . I love computers, , , and dreaming up new video games. I am a dad and I do IT for startups. I have two adopted and illiterate cats. One is a pirate, and the other eats like a golden retriever.

My goal in life is to work hard so I dont have to work hard.

When I had time to play video games, I was an avid enthusiast. One time I even won a deity game in Civ V.


My single greatest annoyance with slack is when someone slacks you that they have a question, but then waits for you to respond before asking their question.

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