My single greatest annoyance with slack is when someone slacks you that they have a question, but then waits for you to respond before asking their question.

Apparently I ruined Sudoku for my wife. I told her that in order to get into Heaven, they make you solve all the Sudoku puzzles you abandoned in your life

Mastodon and Pleroma both have really dope admin dashboards, so we gotta keep up 😅

and are my two greatest hobbies, and i feel like no one can appreciate that except on the fediverse

Decided to give Firefox another go, so I checked out the recommendations at to see what they recommended. Some of the browser extensions I had been using in Google Chrome, but I'm blown away with about:config, and the level of customization and control the user is allowed. I had been lulled into a false sense of security by Chrome, and naivly thought I had some level of control in the advanced settings menu. really takes things to another level for customization.

When I got into IT back in the day, I embraced Google Chrome and never looked back. Now that I've gone down the privacy/self-hosted rabbit hole, Google Chrome is difficult to accept on my personal computer. I had been using Irridium Browser and was generally fine with it, but CVE-2019-13720 really spooked me. Irridium only updates a couple times a year, so I can't see how they can keep up with security vulnerabilities.

Where is the startup disrupting Big Printer?

Encountered a weird IT problem in 2019. I had to setup a special printer, and the drivers are only available on a CD!!!! The manufacture website specifically says the drivers are not available for download.

After two seconds of testing, i discovered firefox itself was blogging google tag manager and some amazon shit.

Reddit stopped working recently for me, which is a mixed blessing. I use Firefox on iOS with a content blocker, and I’ve blocked some adhoc networks. Starting this week, reddit just fails to load the main page, or any subreddit. I can still reach my account page and other settings, but nothing else. Javascript is on and cookies arent blocked.
I wonder if it was a previously blocked ad network they started using, a change in the iOS Firefox app, or something else

At work, we’re trying to fill some positions for software developers who specialize in robotics. I have close to 1000 people in my LinkedIn network, and if I do a search for among them, only 15 show up. Of those, only 1 has any real CUDA experience. This job market is insane.

npm audit fix —force, I sUrE hOpE YoU kNoW wHAt yOu ArE dOiNg. lol jokes on you buddy I have no idea what im doing

Had three prisoners: a pirate who attacked us, a traveler we nabbed, and survivor of a crashed transport. They broke out, and beat the shit out of all the colonists, took our weapons and left. Everyone was saved by a man in black.

Started my second game with three new colonists. They now belong to the nation of Narnia and live in Magictown. Their main industry so far is kidnapping.

Alright so I finally finished my first (successful) game. I flew away with 9 colonists, including one of the original 3 (tho he had had become a wild man and we kept him sedated until launch). We were under siege by a huge mob of pirates, and they managed to quickly shell all of my supplies and critical rooms. I had to leave one colonist behind. On his way to the ship, he needed one last food binge, and then got hit by a shell.

The main problem with ansible that ive hit is that ansible does t know where python is on the ubuntu VMs ive been spinning up. So far, ive gotten around this by manually installing python on my ubuntu machines so that ansible can run.
So my goal this week is to figure out how to just run ansible on a vanilla vm without installing python every time

So far, ansible and vagrant is neat. Havent really tried to do much yet. I can get vagrant to create a vm on my local machine and I have a playbook to run like apt get update on a machine. Ive obly been using ubuntu

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