Eugen has somehow made a single-column UI and a revamped light theme seem cool


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I'm still wondering what I think of the new Animal Crossing's art style

compared to the look of New Leaf, this is much brighter and flat-looking

there were some other interesting things in the direct (though we already guessed Witcher 3 and the Smash characters, right?)

but I just want to see more information on that BotW sequel lol

That Zelda BotW sequel looks really interesting :blobcat:

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Heyo I’m a recent college grad and until I land a job I need a way to lay for my medicine and gas and other necessities!

It would be for the lineless art that I’ve been posting recently.

My commission info is here:

#Commissioninfo #commission

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Oh hey, I should post this here too! I made a CSS-only async chat by using background-image requests to send data and long-running http requests to return it.

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I'm 2 days late but... is 2 years old! :blobtoofast:

it seems media.autoplay.enabled.user-gestures-needed got set to true from the update

I set it back to false and everything seems to be working again

I had firefox configured to block autoplaying videos pretty well (90% of the time)

I just updated to firefox 66, and those options no longer work

cool :D

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