if your cat often bothers you at your computer and walks all over your keyboard, it's because they're trying to join you and do what you're doing. It's a sign of affection! One way to mitigate disruption without pushing away your cat is by buying your cat their own laptop and plugging it in next to yours. make sure the laptop has wifi, a VPN, and access to the darkweb

we need a native desktop app like newpipe tbh.

invidio.us is a pain and doesn't even do fully quality. the only thing we need is a standalone app like newpipe, but maybe with the ability to sync subscriptions and playlists
Like, and then you wonder why anyone would ever complain about ownership in Stadia. NOT EVEN THE DEVS CAN OWN THEIR STUFF!

After the privacy awareness wave consolidates, I hope ownership is next
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"Why would Google/Facebook/friendly dystopic corporation with centralized power over my online life cancel my account, I'm not doing anything wrong!"



I wonder if someone's thought of making a music platform for the fediverse yet. That would be neat.

@voidwitch @xerz it doesn't need to work for everyone, that's why Xorg is still there

and if there's no one developing it because no one wants to maintain it, then... maybe there's a reason for that?

Canonical working on a new installer written in Flutter? Wat

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