The new version of Video Trimmer is out, featuring a video preview and an ability to adjust the target region with mouse. Grab it from Flathub:

They trained an AI to generate navy seal copypastas

"I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids of conventions & furmeetups, & I have over 300 confirmed awesome~ adorable cuddles."

This is the best use of AI yet

apparently Mixer is going to be shutting down soon :blob_cat_tilt:

even though I haven't been an active user of the service since Microsoft bought it and rebranded it, it's still sad to see it go

I finally got the new Animal Crossing a few days ago, and I've been playing it quite a lot

it's nice :blobcatmelt:

haha pc gaming is the best 😁​😎​
console plebs ain't got nothing on pc gaming 😝​🔥​👌​

does snap allow applications to open file dialogs using xdg-desktop-portal to access files outside the sandbox like flatpak does?

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:blobnomcookie: *ⁿᵒᵐ*

oddly enough, I feel like discoverability was better before they redesigned the website months ago

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LBRY would be nice if it was easier to discover good content

I know there's interesting creators on there, they're just hard to find in the sea of free speech cryptocoin bros

For those in the USA: what state/territory do you currently live in? (going to compare the results to population-per-state to determine which states are most over- and under-represented on Fedi)

Please repeat/boost/renote! :blobcatpeek:

the concept seems slightly more interesting than the recent games at least, hopefully it won't just be yet another Sticker Star when it actually comes out

(though I think they said they wouldn't be returning to that formula? not sure)

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oh, Nintendo actually announced a new Paper Mario game :blobcatsip:

Please vote and boost.

What type of base do you prefer for your desktop Linux OS?

Pleroma is getting some really cool features recently :blobcatbox:

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