after another update, sway works once again :blobcheer:

oh, jupiter broadcasting's peertube instance is offline

guess that explains why I haven't gotten any new videos from them in my feed for a while

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I just updated sway to the newest commit, and now I can't log in


I kind of want to start doing game jams some time soon, or just making small games in general

there have been some additions to TIC-80 (a neat little open source fantasy computer) since the last time I've used it and I want to play with them :blobwoah:

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Somebody told me about linux today so I’m burning an install disk.

Not sure how this is supposed to work but it sure is pretty 😍

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Just typed `git marge`. Unsure if that means my repo should grow an enormous blue beehive or have margarine spread on it

trying to play splatoon 2 on slow wifi is a very stupendous experience

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I have created the greatest css selector ever in existence

(for a personal userstyle)

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is someone working on a federated #twitch ?

that would be awesome

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RGME always makes interesting and well-made videos explaining different things about how old video games were made

here's one he just uploaded talking about the way cries worked in the original Pokémon games:

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When will Wired magazine finally get with the times and become Wireless magazine?

Is it a battery-life issue?

oh wow, smash ultimate's online modes have a huge amount of input lag

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