I wonder if the Xbox Series X's controller is finally going to have a gyroscope, considering how popular gyro aiming in shooters is starting to become

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After the recent news, I'm thinking of supporting activity pub as well
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Should we be worried about Twitter joining the #activitypub?

does anyone know how many episodes is actually going to end up having? there are 10 episodes announced so far, but is it confirmed whether or not that's all of them?

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I've been working on an experimental libliftoff-based compositor:


Today I did some power usage measurements. Without using hardware planes (ie. current wlroots), the compositor uses 550mW. With hardware planes (libliftoff), the compositor uses 300mW.

This is a win!

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Can't wait until Twitter joins the Fediverse and ends up federating with Gab and nobody else.

if Twitter federates can we finally get rid of cross-posters?

I'll never be convinced that the official Mastodon Twitter account isn't run by someone from Gab

there's a good chance that they don't end up implementing federation at all, since it seems they're more interested in creating something like a blockchain-based protocol (from what I can tell anyway)

but it's still interesting to think about

I wonder what would happen if Twitter actually decided to adopt ActivityPub and join the Fediverse

what would things be like after that? would it even have that much of an effect?

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Jack Dorsey followed Mastodon on Twitter a month ago so it's not like he doesn't know Mastodon exists, take from that what you will

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just watched the first 4 SU Future episodes that were released. this series is looking pretty cool so far :blobcatsurprised:

Steven Universe Future starts airing tomorrow! :blobcatreach:

I've heard many people say that Champions has better matchmaking than PPT. I'm wondering if that's just because of the less varied skill levels of the people playing the game (it was originally made as an eSports game after all)

Puyo is pretty fun when I actually get matchmade with someone close to my skill level :p

(a lot of the people playing Champions seem pretty high level, even on Switch)

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