it seems media.autoplay.enabled.user-gestures-needed got set to true from the update

I set it back to false and everything seems to be working again

I had firefox configured to block autoplaying videos pretty well (90% of the time)

I just updated to firefox 66, and those options no longer work

cool :D

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#botw color studies 🌿🍂

I made these earlier this year as I was playing through the game - they're based off screens of my own adventure, almost like virtual plein air!

;v; Been itching to play again lately but haven't had time at all...hope to do some new speedpaints when the expansion comes out~

#painting #zelda #videogames

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Classic side-scrolling platformer game, Cave Story is now easily installed on #Linux via the Snap Store. Also known as Doukutsu Monogatari, the popular 8-bit style side-scroller is re-implemented with NXEngine Evo.

snap install cavestory

Firefox has been getting very heavy and memory-leaky in the past couple years

it used to be the (relative) memory usage king, now I'm not sure

though Chrom* and the others aren't exactly lightweight either

the portuguese community on here has always seemed to be very spammy, for some reason :think_bread:

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Websites that I don't mind asking to send me notifications:

- Messaging apps
- Social networks

Websites that definitely do not need to send me notifications:

- News websites
- Every other website

Sites that most commonly ask for notifications:

- News websites

😠 💢

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Have a look at this awesome GitHub project.

The best way to write secure and reliable applications. Write nothing; deploy nowhere.

2200 issues and 350 pull requests though, must be pretty buggy.

watching people who are good at tetris and being like

"oh no he made a big mistake how is he going to recov--oh, he was just setting up a t-spin"

trying to use another tracker interface after years of using FamiTracker is difficult :blobtilt:

joining a vs tetris game and instantly getting murdered by the other person's 4-wide combo is a very good experience

ah, deltarune chapter 1 was released on switch

maybe I should replay it soon :blobcatthinking:

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