early mockup (in html) of something I may or may not ever end up finishing

possible future federated alternative?

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@tromino OK, one big thing I think is missing: no playlist? surely you want to control multiple songs, right?

@xerz there will probably be playlists if this ever becomes an actual thing (there's a button to add to a playlist in the black bar under the cover art, it's just invisible since it has no icon yet)

@tromino It looks like a decent interface, but what I now have high expectations for are the contents!

Should the seekbar be this short, though?

@tirifto those are Firefox's default audio controls, so I can't do much with them without using javascript (which I want to avoid using for now)

@tromino Ah, at first I thought it was an audio player that was just fitted into the left sidebar, when it could have been in the central area, but I guess it’s really a video player over there, a part of which is the cover art.

@tirifto yeah, it's pretty much a video player with a custom thumbnail and the source set to an audio file

I could replace it with a static image and put an actual audio player somewhere else, though I'm not sure how well that would work design-wise

@tromino You could move it to the top of the central column, and move the name and author’s name (which are now placed underneath the thumbnail) above the thumbnail as to have them align with the audio player to form a horizontal line (which might also stick with you as you scroll). If you did that, styling the right column’s title to match might help it look cleaner. I’m attaching an illustration and apologise for making a low-effort edit!

Not that I think this would necessarily look or feel better; it just seemed like having a wider area for seeking might be desirable for a music-focused platform, but I haven’t been spending much time on those (or law-focused platforms) to be a good judge.

A poorly made edit of the origi…
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