finally made a first release for my Tone Generator app! you can get it from the releases page over on :

I might make a Flathub release for it at some point, but for now there's a binary that you can download and run manually (you'll need GTK4 and libadwaita installed to run it, I know both are in Fedora's package manager at least)

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it's pretty much exactly what it says, a simple app that plays a sine wave tone at a chosen frequency (or a specific note), which could be useful if you need a reference to help with tuning an instrument, or for calibrating system-wide equalizers for example

it's written in using , , and , and it's my first real experience doing development for a GNOME app, so hopefully I did well! :blobcatderpy:

@tromino cool! did you write the GUI yourself or did you generate it with glade?

@tromino code looks rather simple, but I'd suggest to run `cargo fmt` and `cargo clippy` on it, to get the right formatting and some nice suggestions what could be improved! 😄 🥳

@tromino I'd love to be able to write GUI apps myself (QT though), so big congrats on that part!

How was the experience? Good dev-test-debug loop speed? Was the documentation lacking at any point? Would love to hear more! 😆

@musicmatze I wrote all the UI markup myself! (I'm not sure if glade even works well with GTK4)

the experience was decent enough, although the documentation on the XML syntax specifically can be a bit lacking, and I did end up needing to check the code examples in the GTK demo app a few times

the XML is also a bit verbose and tedious to write, although relm4 does have its own macros for writing UIs that can be nicer to use (it has some limitations right now though)

@musicmatze I already use cargo clippy a lot, but I avoid rustfmt since it destroys things

@tromino huh, what does it destroy?

If it really does, that's a bug!

@musicmatze it just does things that I don't like which aren't configurable, and the maintainers don't seem interested in making them configurable :blobcatderpy:

@tromino can you give examples? 😄

There's an official styleguide for rust, which (AFAIK) is the default configuration!

@musicmatze I knew I'd never follow the official rust style the second it told me to use spaces for indentation :blobcatbox:

I think the main issue I had with rustfmt was that it always strips indentation from empty lines, and the maintainers don't seem to know why anyone would want an option to disable it... and I have no idea why you'd ever want that behavior in the first place!

@tromino Errr... sorry to ask, but what do i need an app for here?

Using this since eons:


@jayrope I guess you could say that about a lot of apps? you don't need to use an app, but you also might want to use an app, and it's there for people who want it

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