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@dansup though I do think microui is a neat project, though it would make more sense just to build it more as a pleroma ui and disassociate it from pixelfed completely

also, what's the point of the new momentui?

@dansup or just focus on creating a single original UI for people to associate with pixelfed that does everything people need :p

@pieceofthepie what's "mastodon"? sounds like something that sucks

@admin I guess I made my account pretty close to when it was launched

nice :blobcatcoffee:

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I'm 2 days late but... is 2 years old! :blobtoofast:

@rghvdberg @rtwx you're probably not going to be able to easily run any web browser on that :p

also maybe something directly based on debian instead of ubuntu would work better (if you even managed to get a gui up)

@chebra @xahlee nice, I also didn't know this was a thing

I just assumed there was no way to check muted/blocked users and used pinafore for that instead :p

@rghvdberg what are the alternatives? firefox isn't as good on memory as it was when they added it, but it's still better than some of the other options I think

~~also lubuntu isn't aiming to be a lightweight distro anymore~~

@rghvdberg yes you should use arch oh btw I use arch linux

it seems media.autoplay.enabled.user-gestures-needed got set to true from the update

I set it back to false and everything seems to be working again

I had firefox configured to block autoplaying videos pretty well (90% of the time)

I just updated to firefox 66, and those options no longer work

cool :D

@sir they intended to work on a less resource-intensive homeserver implementation I think, though I don't know how much work has actually gone into it

@dansup oh, makes sense I guess

that would be funny

@dansup what even was the point of your original response??

@dansup "write" as in the text content of the page

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