@lain @mewmew will there be any practical difference though? will people not just accept what people tell them about other people whether or not it's actually provable? do people not already do exactly this in lots of situations? would the people that make reporting encrypted messages problematic and the people who would blindly go after people for things they can't prove not be the exact same group of people?

@mewmew @lain I just want to understand whether it would actually be worth not allowing reports on encrypted messages

I think the people who would abuse the feature would already be likely to leak those messages anyway, and whether or not the UI "encourages" it would have little effect on their decision in practice

@mewmew @lain are there that many situations where someone would actually be reported for bogus reasons? would they outweigh the benefit of being able to report actually offensive people?

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For those in the USA: what state/territory do you currently live in? (going to compare the results to population-per-state to determine which states are most over- and under-represented on Fedi)

Please repeat/boost/renote! :blobcatpeek:

@xerz recent research suggests they can if they're happy enough!

@angristan @admin I was hoping they'd have noticed it and maybe fixed it by now, but I guess not :blob_grinning_sweat:

@angristan @admin normal vs tiny

this fixes itself when I click on a new image (but will sometimes collapse itself yet again when I close it)

@admin the getting started section still sometimes becomes smol when I close an image :<

the Animal Crossing event theme for Tetris 99 is relaxing

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