@espectalll I wonder if there's really a good solution that won't anger at least a few people

@pinafore if I had a mobile device, I feel like I would use Pinafore quite a bit on it (especially if it was something like the Librem 5 which doesn't have many native apps yet)

I have less of a use for it on desktop (where I prefer the UI of the main website), though I have used it in the past with Firefox's Side View because of its quick loading

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@sir that's cool jimmy, but I just wanted to know how to get Facebook on my iPad

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Idea for a new linux distribution: uWuntu

@tennoseremel hm... I've always thought it was a common thing for websites to do

did the ability to filter people in the profile directory by hashtag go away completely?

@espectalll if Microsoft does something like this for xCloud, they should call it FTT (Faster Than Time), to call back to an old Mixer april fools joke :p

@aidalgol @espectalll @stolas these are some interesting ideas, though I don't see it improving things much without any kind of inconsistent controller or movement artifacts

the only thing you'd be able to reliably cut down with this technique is rendering time, right? unless you're sending every single simulated frame for the local device to figure out or something

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if you say you adhere to the unix philosophy but use two in one shampoo you're a fake

We're proud to announce the DualShock 5 controller, featuring our new technology:

HQ Vibration™️!

@tho I'm fine with using Matrix/Riot for now, though I am still looking at Wire as another option

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