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It's taken about a year but I think I'm finally done with the pandemic. I've genuinely been fine with it until now but this past week has been a fucking nightmare. I just want to visit my homies. I'm tired of this shit.

Would you get in an experience machine? 

Of course you would! And you you wouldn't even realise you had! What do you think the internet is if not a prototype of what's to come?

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Please don't create a twitter account that tweets these posts, we don't want
this sub to get flooded with teenagers.
-Enjoiiiii, Oct 2013

I hate how people (teachers and journalists especially) like to pretend to be unbiased but are obviously pushing really hard in a specific direction.

If you can't present something without bias, you probably don't understand the subject.

I'd be more okay with it if they just came out and said it. Pretending to hide your opinions while still pushing them is so sneaky.

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Keep the state but leave governance to community.

The state's job is to protect the people.

The government's job is to fuck with stuff and try to make cool shit happen.


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What sort of sick joke is mega-statehood.

Why would anyone think millions of people could be united for eternity.

Man. Technology was supposed to be used for good. What the fuck happened.

There is no solution other than to not use those platforms. Save yourself some time and avoid the brain rot. Anything you see on there is something you thought of in grade school but forgot.

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As a result, content on bird site and similar (Chinese?) applications specializing in bite-sized content naturally favour extremely base-level, simple, and dumb shit.

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On bird site they make you keep your shit to about that length. Obviously it's better for attention but it sets an expectation that meaningful information can be conveyed that concisely. You could try to condense your thoughts to that limit to appease the platform and people's expectations but by doing so you also lose like 99% of what you meant to say in the first place. No one will spend the time to extrapolate.

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No one reads past the first sentence.

Openness is the only personality trait that matters.

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