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Hey all, coming here from a personal instance.

I set that up to experiment with Mastadon when I first heard about. Don't want to bother with running an instance of just one user anymore and now I am joining the extended Fediverse via this instance instead.

If you got a follow request from me it is because I just imported my list from my old instance. I will be posting exclusively here now other than to tell people I am moving on the other instance.

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asking for help :purple_money: 

I have come to start thinking of my newborn as a Sim. When I am staying up with him at night I know that I just need to keep his poop, pee, comfort and food bars in check and we are all good.

I have been a father for 9 days now. I think the sleep deprivation is causing me to go insane. But the paternal instincts are keeping me grounded somehow at the same time.

I understand now part of how this shit changes people.

Just found out my wife will be induced and I will be a father in five days!

Decided a pre-celebration was in order since I will be neither able to drink or smoke for a while after he is born.

I have so much rage today but no outlet. This must be what fatherhood is like.

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ove the #4styles idea on Twitter. I have a bit more, so here part 1 :)
1 Dream of the Moon, acrylic painting on paper
2 Dance, monotype
3 Marylin, acrylic on paper
4 Red hair, fiber art
#mastoart #painting #acrylicpainting #contemporaryart #marylin #feltedwool #clipsocallipso

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I am high, weird rant probably... 

So I recently reset my phone and am wondering has Fedilab always cost money? I swear I was using it before but it is like it was replaced in the play store with a paid version since I last installed it ...

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