there's an ironic joke to be made with this picture

or some sort of climate poetry

probably just disappointment though

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this 1m38s explainer of Shopify (assuming 30fps) is worth ~3M words.

Now if I show this to my grandma she'll understand what Shopify is 😄

I still think about that one day in July 2020 when verified accounts couldn't tweet anymore, what a weird day that was

For the tiny cross-section of folks who (A) follow me, (B) live in Quebec, and (C) care about urbanism: consider taking 15 minutes to share your thoughts on land use in the province. Let's ask for better cycling- and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure.

To be clear: let's definitely do everything we can to slow down (and reverse!) climate change: reach out to your elected officials, fly less, eat less meat, drive less, etc.

But in the event that we fail, keep in mind that from a global perspective, "this too, shall pass".

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"The desertification of the West is no more permanent than anything else on this planet of ongoing change."

Somewhat comforting perspective on the future of our species on this planet. A well-needed read following the IPCC report released today.

It's 2021 and there's a guestbook straight from circa 1999 on my personal website. I love it.

Powered by @jekyllrb and @Netlify. Fully static. No JavaScript. Built-in spam protection.

I wrote a tutorial explaining how to set it up on your own site. ✨

8 years ago, my digital life was almost entirely stored in Google data centers.

Today, I self-host a handful of services on a Raspberry Pi on my LAN and use privacy-friendly services. Small tech feels good.

I wrote a few words about the moving process 👀

cc @aral: I'm a big fan of your work. I donated to the Small Tech foundation recently, and you + Laura are an inspiration in this space. Keep up the great work!

“This page is hosted on a Casio fx-9750GII graphical calculator”

…And it loads faster than 99% of your privacy-destroying tracker-laden bullshitware.

@0066cc I really enjoyed your blog post about the ThinkPad X230 (I follow your blog via RSS). I previously wrote about the X220 in a similar way [1], so it's fun to see other ThinkPad X Series enthusiasts in the wild. Thanks for the write up, and enjoy your X230!


Apparently the new audacity owners are adding telemetry to it :/ This is....concerning. Especially because that PR discussion has _zero_ opposition to the feature being added

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