Hey Mastodon, I'm doing this little experiment. If you see this, please comment and tell me about one great thing that happened to you today. I could be anything, big or small. I'll start: today, I ate a delicious chocolate bar. How about you? :)

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@vaillancourtmax I received donations from kind strangers to run this instance :hugging:

@angristan that's great! je vois que tu es Français (je suis Québécois), donc je vais continuer en français : merci pour ton travail et félicitations, c'est cool de pouvoir utiliser ton instance! comment pourrais-je faire un don moi-même? :)

@angristan excellent, je regarde ça tout à l'heure. merci! :thumbsup:

@angristan @vaillancourtmax J'ai hâte d'avoir la capabilité de tranférer mon compte. J'aimerais bien à migrer à une instance qui se concerne plus de la tech, comme la tienne. :grin:

@ashkumar @angristan Est-ce qu'il sera possible de transférer son compte d'une instance à une autre à plusieurs reprises? Et quel sera l'impact sur les toots déjà envoyés depuis ce compte?

@vaillancourtmax @angristan Ils travaillent là-dessus actuellement:

C'est effectivement l'issue avec le plus de commentaires.

@ashkumar @vaillancourtmax En effet, ça risque d'être compliqué, vu que Mastodon fonctionne en fédération

@vaillancourtmax well, I met with friends today and we had a great time! 😎

@mirko That's awesome! Glad you enjoyed your time! :)

@vaillancourtmax um, I figured out some stuff about my outline of my novel?

@vaillancourtmax it's a fictionalized account of my time in Seoul about 10 years ago. pretty interesting story, at least to me

@Migukin sounds very interesting. I'd gladly read such a book! :)

@vaillancourtmax well, it's not done yet. just finished the first draft. :-)

@vaillancourtmax I had fun playing at Rocket League with friends :smiley:

@vaillancourtmax my day has just begun and yet already a great thing has happened - free chocolate on my desk! :clap_tone1:

@bjd that's awesome! I'm actually a little jealous. don't forget to say thanks and give back! :P

@Documentally wow, that's seriously cool. enjoy the sun, it's currently freezing where I live!

@vaillancourtmax I could answer every question on a quiz I didn't prepare for, but apparently knew all the answers anyway :)

@bentley that's the greatest feeling! it means you did something right along the way :) thanks for sharing!

@vaillancourtmax I managed to spend some time with my gf whom I don't get to see as often as I would like :hugging:

@Weeliam good on ya my friend! as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder :) thanks for sharing!

@jason that's great! I'm actually the first of my friends on here, hence this experiment. thanks for sharing! :)

@vaillancourtmax I setted up an instance of this brand new social network for cool kids.

@dolfsquare nice, thanks for contributing! how long did it take? I'm interested in setting one up myself. :)

@vaillancourtmax Not so long. I just followed the production guide:

I already had a server and some basic knowledges in system administration.

@dolfsquare well, looks like I found my next weekend project :) thanks!

@vaillancourtmax (et je vois que tu es québecois, donc je ne sais pas pourquoi j'ai répondu en anglais. :D )

@vaillancourtmax I faked sick to stay home and nap (I make my own destiny)

@vaillancourtmax I learned that a dear friend of mine is paying a visit to my place in a few weeks

@miramarco how kind! keep them close to your heart :D thanks for sharing!

@vaillancourtmax I took my doggy for a walk while the weather is nice

@vaillancourtmax I found out that I already have a pattern for the cardigan I want to knit myself. I thought I was going to have to "design" it myself, but somebody already did the hard work for me :blush:

@baniak nothing wrong with borrowing to get you started :D thanks for sharing and keep us posted on that cardigan!

@vaillancourtmax I turned in a big assignment and finished with school for the week so now I'm just relaxing in bed

@Supersol good job man, keep it up! enjoy that downtime :D

@vaillancourtmax thought I was out of redbull but found one last one and I'm enjoying it now.

@sean_ok hell yeahhhh, gotta refill soon! :P thanks for sharing!

@prunus well, I sure didn't know it was possible to toot while sleeping! :P

@vaillancourtmax Saw a theater play in Montreuil, near Paris, tonight. Expected something really weird, and was in fact a great play. Loved it all the way. <3

@vincib That's great! Glad you enjoyed the play. Thanks for sharing! :)

@vaillancourtmax Nothing specific that I can think of, but I feel good anyway. I'm going to count that as a win.

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