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Linux users: Year of the Linux desktop
ChromeOS: OK
Everyone: no wait, not like that

Cheapest way to ship something to Mars is to contribute to Linux or ffmpeg:

Découverte du jour : pendant l'exécution de la commande `cp` sur un fichier lourd, appuyer sur Ctrl + T permet d'afficher la progression de la copie. 🤯

Cela est rendu possible par le fait que cette combinaison de touches envoie le signal SIGINFO.

when your 2FA code is about to expire in 2 seconds and you're typing it in as fast as you can

I... what? We're already at Linux 5.10?

Wasn't 2.6 the latest version for the longest time, even just a couple of years ago?

(then again maybe I just have memories from the first time I installed Ubuntu 9.04 and it stuck with me)

I see a bunch of tweets where software developers rave about the performance of M1-equipped Macs (it's impressive indeed).

PSA for (Web) devs: not everyone has the latest and fastest machine. Test your stuff on older, slower machines to foster empathy and provide great UX 🤟

Excellent interactive tutorial on cameras and lenses by @BCiechanowski (thank you for taking the time to build this!).

I learned about Bayer filters, what will you learn about?

Curious to know how we made Shopify's new storefront rendering engine 4x faster on average than its predecessor? Learn more about server-side performance optimizations in this blog post written by my teammate @celsodantas and yours truly ⚡️

Guestbook straight out of the early 2000s: check ✅
Fully static, no JavaScript required: check ✅
Using @Netlify's Forms feature: check ✅
Built-in message moderation: check ✅

(tutorial blog post coming soon!)

Just wanted to give @vaillancourtmax a belated 👍 for his shout-out of Unlauncher [] (the minimalist Android launcher I maintain) in his post on "Turning my smartphone into a boring tool" [].

It is great to see more people interested in using a smartphone as a "tool, not distraction"!

Look no further: the @changelog t-shirt is the most comfortable piece of clothing I've ever worn. Thanks for the gift, Changelog team! 🙇

(psst! want one?) 👇

Earlier I posted about connecting a grain dryer to the Internet. Yes, for real.

I just published a blog post explaining how we did this because there's a tremendous lack of agritech documentation online. Hopefully this is useful to someone out there! 🚜

I connected a grain dryer to the Internet yesterday.

I'm now an agritech expert, AMA

Russian Court Bans Telegram App for refusing to hand over encryption keys.

Commendable they refuse to hand over keys but now no more Telegram in Russia... The issue with #centralization made clear again. Better #federate with #matrix #XMPP … #nextcloud

btw, thank you @lertsenem for your post on setting up those tools -- helped me a lot!

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today was a crappy day but now I'm happy because I discovered khal, todoman, and vdirsync and I can access my calendar & tasks straight from my cli <3

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