People keep telling me Python source code is easy to read. I have tried to believe it for many years.

@veer66 @mishari true, but Redux is such a half-measure. Go all the way!

Mei Personal houd me scho wieder afgweckt, hmmmm....


My butler woke me up... again... hmmmm...

I've been running firefox as my main browser for years, but I've always kept chromium around for a handful of semi-trusted sites where I knew ahead of time the "block all the scripts" setup I have in firefox would cause trouble and I didn't want to bother adding to the whitelist.

well, as of yesterday morning, chromium has been crashing on launch 100% of the time, so I think that's the nudge I finally needed to dump it completely.

I really like the upright italic face available on #Smalltalk-76 and the #Xerox #Alto seen here mostly in the class browser. It looks like it’s called Cream, but I can’t find much about it on the Web.

Screenshot by user ‘SUMIM.ST’ on Wikimedia Commons used without endorsement via CC-BY-SA-4.0 (


Many websites already support TLS 1.3 (including our blog). TLS 1.3 is currently the most secure TLS version.

You can check all websites you frequently visit by (temporarily) switching to TLS 1.3 only:

– Chrome/Chromium: Set "--ssl-version-min=tls1.3" in chromium-flags.conf
– Firefox: Go to about:config in FF and switch "security.tls.version.min" to 4.

Feel free to reply to this post to list other websites with support for TLS 1.3. 🙂

#tls #tls13 #https #security #infosec #cybersecurity

Interactive Elixir (1.7.4)
iex(1)> String.length(“ఇందులో ఎన్ని అక్షరాలు ఉన్నాయో చెప్పుకో చూద్దాం!”)

Python 3.7.3
>>> len(“ఇందులో ఎన్ని అక్షరాలు ఉన్నాయో చెప్పుకో చూద్దాం!”)


I tried to .Net Core and then I reported some issues. One of them is not fixed yet. (link:

So I postpone using .Net Core.

Rust programmers whom I talked to don't talk about controversial things, e.g., dynamic typing vs. static typing, TDD is dead or not, OOP vs. FP.

They talk about how to get their programs compiled according to some error messages from the Rust compiler. 🤣

How about programming by editing AST directly if people want visual programming?

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