Living ten meters away from an illegally pig farm for a decade was a terrible experience.

WHO estimates that nine in ten people worldwide are breathing highly polluted air. In the European Union, eight out of ten cities with data exceed WHO’s recommended guidelines.

@veer66 The EU did it in a narrow case (bio diesel) and will likely undo it
Anywhere else?
In another argument I hadn't read until the above, it's argued that a ban on palm oil would increase deforestation++ as they turn to crops that need more land like sunflowers...

Palm oil in Thailand is still expensive although it was banned 🚫 in some parts of the world. 😅

I unsubscribe YouTube Music Premium because I don't want to limit my card usage. Perhaps I should buy Natalia Lafourcade CD instead.

Somehow wondering if it would be more efficient to learn vocabulary of a new language by the rank-order (aka learn the most frequently used words first) instead of by category?

Or it might not be as efficient because it doesn’t work well with how human mind groups same concepts together?

But do these same concepts necessarily must be leant at the same time?
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