Does "doctor slayer" mean a doctor who slays or one who slays doctors?

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I am working on a tutorial that describes the Common Lisp condition system.

So far, I have about a half of it written; I first explain dynamic variables to the reader, then build a simple hook system using dynamic variables, and then move that system to the Lisp condition system using HANDLER-BIND.

Could I request a general review of the part that is already present there? Boosts welcome.

I can check social networks again since even Hawaii is on the 2nd of April now. 😅

"Thai Street Food - 🛵 MOTORBIKE DELIVERY at Home in Bangkok, Thailand 🙏" ใน YouTube

Handling Async Tasks on Energy Harvesting #IoT devices...

"Intermittent asynchronous peripheral operations"

There is no such thing as a harddrive in this cloud era. They are personal cold storages.

Increase #LoRaWAN throughput by 3 times... By decoding #LoRa frame collisions...

"FTrack: parallel decoding for LoRa transmissions"

I'm installing Manjaro in a VM, btw.

Many things in a K-drama look like Thailand now except that the story was in 1989. 😅

"A web IDE is not silver bullet; it is not an ideal educational tool for every student under any circumstances. We also caution about the cost of developing custom-made web IDE systems"...

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