I try to cook Thai food by watching South Asian's YouTube channel. 😅

@angristan (Also Hetzner's KVM thing is basically just a less integrated 3rd party IPMI)

I write my programs in LISP and play Street Fighter. 😅 I didn't have any plans for the post-1980s. 😛 Anyways, I enjoy IPS panels. 🤔

I don't think that I need Apple Pencil for playing Street Fighter IV.

Mastr, Pleromr, PixelFedr, Gnu Socialr

@dl @dthompson matrix does a good job of this because it shows each message under the nick of the user who sent it, but also because matrix doesn't send all your messages to be stored by a company with a long history of privacy abuse and other user-hostile behavior

is it just me or does every IRC channel that gets bridged to Discord eventually turn into a channel that discusses nothing but how terrible Discord is?

Shipped with a monochrome monitor, so I don't get to experience the glory of the Tandy Graphics Adapter today (I guess unless I hook it up to a TV like the commodore monitor sitting next to it) but it is all set up and it is perfect and I love it.

Hey everyone! Some really good news: The good people at Vector IM are adding many accessibility features to the @matrix client Riot.im. It is much more usable now than it used to be a year or so ago, both on the web and on iOS. #a11y #RiotIM #matrixdotorg

@veer66 Maybe leave out the x parameter to minimize confusion:

> (define x 5)
> x

> (define (f) 5)
> (f)

> (define ((f)) 5) ; not standard Scheme
> ((f))

Hal Abelson contributed (Maybe contribute is a too weak word.) to the first Logo implementation on Apple II, SICP, FSF, and Creative Common!

I don't think about do ... while, for, and repeat ... until. I only think about IF and GOTO. 😛

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