Is Snapdragon 855 faster than Pentiun N4200 by running a Rust compiler?

I enjoy reading about switch composition in F#, but I have never done anything useful in F#. 😅

I think it is close to Rust's Result.

I finally figured out who Spock on Star Trek Discovery reminds me of.

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Things my CS degree didn’t teach me:
- Debuggers
- Infrastructure
- Server mgmt
- Cert mgmt
- Datastores
- Secure coding

Things my CS degree DID teach me:
- Recursion


@veer66 Front page of Hacker News: "guy ports Rust program to Ruby", 500 comments about how to stop you from doing it.
@veer66 Don't let the Rust Evangelism Strike Force find out!

any program that doesn't have a "view source" button or link is defective

wheeee i submitted an issue to ninja

may look into making the patch for it later but that will involve writing python to detect whether a c function is available and i dont feel like doing that right now

I cobbled together a guide of sorts for setting up your own free #Gopher hole on

lynx gopher://



Look under the "Muse" section of my spelkhole, its in there.

It should outline the basics of getting a user account, setting up a gopher space and building your first gophermap.

Hopefully it will help people who are curious try out gophering, and some may support #SDF's public access #UNIX server going forward.

if you use VS Code, checkout VSCodium which strips out MS branding/telemetry/licensing

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