UNA MUSIC | ຈັກມັນເປັນແນວເລີ | จักมันเป็นแนวเลอ (ສິລິພອນ ສີປະເສີດ .ft ໝໍ... youtu.be/oR58NU1UlYw via @YouTube

อยากพัก จริงๆนะ 😫

GraalVM 21.0 introduces a new installable component, named espresso, which provides a JVM implementation written in Java. medium.com/graalvm/java-on-tru

@[email protected] I root for xmpp, use it myself and try to use with as many people as I can

@tennoseremel @veer66 Seems like it: vitek.ru/

Their Indian website is in English. It may be easier: vitek.in/

The products actually looks pretty nice.

@veer66 I think there is a brand in Russia that sells household appliances that's called Vitek :blobcatgiggle:


That's the dev kit version of the PineTime -- the back cover is supposed to come off!

If you still want to be able to take it apart easily (for flashing experimental firmware over JTAG), most people use tape to hold it together.

If you don't want that, you can put it together more permanently with super glue and a clamp (or heavy weight) to hold it together while the glue sets.

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