Given the fact that we're not the only team struggling to throw together an online conference this year, @sl007 , Thomas from FOSShost, and I put together a talk for #apconf2020 about our experience organizing an online conference. Given that the conference is still in progress, take it with a grain of salt for now and we'll let you know in the Q&A session on Sunday (UTC 17:00) if the expectations meet the reality!

I can see their reasoning, but Debian's packaging of #golang dependencies just feels super awkward to me 😕

@veer66 watching. Google has setup cdn with just about every isp.

Many people who did not login to Mastodon for a long time, now cannot login anymore. 😅

@veer66 YouTube in India works at 2x speed than any other website

Uploading videos to is faster than uploading to YouTube. Video processing at is faster than YouTube too! 🤔

Mast doesn’t show custom emojis?

Nigel Ng is a fake grumpy Asian uncle. I am real one. Well, he is an Asian. I am really an uncle, and I am grumpy.

#gedit is actually pretty nice on a touch screen, can't say that for any other editor i use. but i really miss paredit, so, let's see if paredit for gedit exists.

Hey, if anyone is interested in helping GNOME Clocks ship new sounds, please join the Matrix channel!

AtCoder made library for C++. This gives C++ more and more advantages. :blobcatnotlike:

RT @[email protected]

Thanks are free, and free is everyone's hourly rate in OSS, so let's be generous.


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