@mayuutann is my emergency account. I use this account for a while.

I want to create an extension to help PostgreSQL support multilingual full text search.

Sometimes, tech editors help improve footnotes. #SNMpmastery

'If you must use MySQL, try MariaDB instead. It’s MySQL, but untainted by Oracle. Other commercial MySQL variants exist, if you need a support contract that doesn’t involve phrases like “immortal soul” or “first-born child.”'

RT @nixcraft
Using Kubernetes to deploy simple application such as your cat's static blog

I usually feel awkward when people try to be clever and ruin the assembly line.

Scaleway wants me to shard my bucket into 4 buckets

I hated Firefox's small separated search box. 🙄 I used Mozilla web browser before 1.0 and I used Seamonkey for many years. 😛

I didn't try translate anything for Mozilla for months. But now, it is almost 1am. 😛

Nubank acquired an Elixir-lang based company. I wonder how will they get Clojure, Kafka, and Elixir to work together. 🤔

Perhaps, Nubank wants to use Boardway Kafka?


I'm drinking a big cup of sweeten Thai tea, which is very bad for health.

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