To everyone playing with the IPFS OpenBSD repository 

My guess is that first pkg_add -u would be terribly long (or is it my DSL access too slow?) but it should be better for further updates because IPFS storage works at block level and I hope it would be able to use deduplication to keep a cache for further packages.

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OpenTech Summit Thailand is organizing a Localization Day Meetup. We'll be doing a panel, a Localization sprint, as well as having a competition for the most Common Voice contributions. Top contributors will win crypto! Read more at

I'm so used to opensource where I can file and argue feature requests and be taken serious. That the corporate closed world you just get 'no we don't support that', you consume what is given to you, you get no say how it is made or what you are allowed to choose to.

So frustrating to run into when you're familiar with a system that considers you beyond the money in your pocket.



I wonder how this will help? I'm not against this too. I don't mind if they will close at 4pm. 😛

"All shopping malls in Thailand to close at 9pm as Covid controls tighten"

scary food 

"4 X Spicy FIRE RAMEN Challenge 🔥🥵 EXTRA THAI CHILIES🌶️ @The Food Ranger @Best Ever Food Review Show​" ใน YouTube

The biggest selling point of #Clojure in my opinion.

"... data driven APIs are a major reason why Clojure libraries tend to be so stable. When a library is simply transforming data then it's possible to get to a state where it's truly done. Once the API consisting of all the supported transformations has been defined and tested, then the API is complete. ...hence mature libraries need little attention from their maintainers."

thailand ganja 

Thailand’s ‘father’ of cannabis wants small-time growers to be part of medical marijuana industry | South China Morning Post

"Dependencies matter. Every dependency you add to your project is an invitation to break your project. "

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