@veer66 It's because it's not a new version, but rather a fork.
After COVID-19 proved so popular, there were many, many forks, but the COVID-19 Delta fork had lots of improvements and chose a more viral license, so it eventually won out.

working remotely is a huuuuuuge breakthrough

@shpuld I saw the news on Twitter, but I didn't look snow... :blobpopsicle:

oh its snowing in nagoya

are you making a snowman @mayuutann ? ⛄

I forgot tell you guys that I had gotten into Google Summer of Code.

Goal for this week: getting Kanit the Latin+Thai font into nixpkgs github.com/cadsondemak/kanit

I quite like the font (though I think the "loopy", serifed Thai fonts are easier to read). My wish is that it would support Lao as well since in a sans-serif context, many of the characters would be identical. I raised an issue, but it's not something that's "easy" or worth a lot of priority -- just good humanity and Lao expressiveness.

i don't get why pfizer saying people will need boosters is a big deal. they said from the start that may be the case. what is everyone diaping out about?

social network rant 

@veer66 💪 💪 💪

social network rant 

I don't want to use a cheap social network that is moderated by a robot anymore. 🤔

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