@veer66 in the simulator. The point is to keep the code tight. @jalcine

@veer66 What is too tight? If your software/site flies on 2G; it'll be an amazing experience for those on 2G and highers. The lesson here is that to have a stellar experience, designing and testing in the most common (and usually overlooked) parameters can lead to great results. @mishari

@jalcine @mishari Too tight means testing on too slow network e.g. 2400 bps modem. This leads back to my first question. I will rephrase it. Where do people still use 2G?

@veer66 @mishari No lie, I haven't responded for a few reasons:

1) There's no strong case against testing in low speed environments: it literally helps you improve speed times when testing code

2) This "request for evidence" is something you can handle as easily and in the same amount of time you've requested it over here: bfy.tw/LeDr

@veer66 the point is not 2G the point is constraints force you to implement better design. @jalcine

@mishari @jalcine I agree with limiting connection speed to test the web. However, with 2G speed, I have to exclude podcast, video, etc. And I have no information that any potential target still use 2G.

@veer66 @jalcine @mishari be careful with your reasoning 1) your assumptions about your audience will probably be wrong anyway. people want to use good software anywhere on any network regardless of speed and the way they access it. Low bandwidth testing also helps accessibility. I deeply hate websites designed for some particular demographics, which usually means "using retina MacOS machine from 2017 of later, occasionally switching to iPhone 6+"
@veer66 @jalcine @mishari and 2) some providers throttle connections to some ridiculous 2G speeds after the bandwidth has been used up. This usually coincides with some very urgent need to access the information. I am also very often confronted with very bad network conditions when traveling (trains, cars, tunnels, underground lines, whatever).

@saper @jalcine @mishari "This usually coincides with some very urgent need to access the information."

This is good point! 😃

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