can the #Gnome based stack be ported at least partially on the vanilla #Android ?

Like, can apps made for the #Librem phones be distributed on #f-droid too ?

What if I move all of my photos from Flickr to Wikimedia Commons?

@jpmens I like mailing lists, too, especially when populated by plain text lovers!

All transit in Wuhan being shut down is hard to imagine for anybody who doesn't know the city:

It is about the size of greater London, but replace the Thames with the Yangtze which is about 500m wide as it cuts the city in half. Now remove all buses, the Tube, trains and river ferries. Without transit, most of the 11 million people are essentially under house arrest.

Please do not use Slack for your open-source project. For the minority of loudmouths demanding it, there are many others who will quietly just avoid the project.

"We think you'll like You" Netflix said.

But I don't.

"Ubuntu Finally Removes the Amazon Web App You Never Use"

"Ubuntu 20.04 ‘Focal Fossa’ will not include the Amazon web launcher."


ยังปล้ำกับ xboxdrv อยู่ 😂

เดี๋ยว docker image ที่ผมทำใช้กับ aarch64 ได้แล้ว

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