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Netflix's Saint Seiya doesn't have Japanese audio. 😅

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An empty array is even scarier than 500 Internal Error! Some services return an empty array instead of an error code. 🤣

Sometimes choosing a library is more important than choosing a programming language. 2-3 years ago, I made a server-side app based on Websocket. And I didn't use Http-kit. Now I regret it.

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I was told recently that I should do a Udemy course for the Crystal programming language, but that goes a bit against my FOSS all the things policy. So, should I do a series of Crystal programming tutorials on YouTube?


@veer66 I think people assume if programming was more visual it would be easier. I don't think their assumptions are very accurate.

If people want visual programming that bad, why don't edit AST directly with a diagram editor?

By using MX Linux, I don't need Flatpak or Snap anymore. 😅

@veer66 Weird. On my media center I still use Openbox since it's so mouse-driven, but on my laptop, I don't think I'd want to leave tiling.

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ruby -rio/console -e'$><<"\e[?1006h\e[?1003h"
K=IO. new c=0
loop{$><<"\e[H"+(?0..?7).map{|i|"\e[4#{i}m#{i==c ??*:" "}#{i} \e[4#{c}m"}*""
s=K.raw{K.readpartial 99}
s==?q?1/0:s=~/^\d/?c=s:s=~/<(0|32);(\d+);(\d+)/&&$><<"\e[#$3;#$2H "}'


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