Don't think I'll lose anything anyway, that instance was filled with people who didn't even try the greatest feature. Plus too much people overall.

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Goddamn I managed to spend a good day and this shit just keeps on going. That is not why I joined.

I think I'm just gonna block mastodon.socia: there's too much drama coming from there and I've already got shit on my plate to deal with.

@espectalll I haven't ever thought that Google was giving me bad search results in all my years on the Internet even though I had basically no exposure to competitors. That is until recently. This past year the quality of results has noticeably diminished. Your example is a telling one.

@l8doku i've had this problem as well, and what worked for me was clearing Tusky's cache

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The point of having a flagship instance with open registrations was to demonstrate the possibilities of Mastodon and to offer a quick entry point when the software was still new.
We no longer need that.

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I'm really thinking should close new inscriptions for good.
Not because it's a bad instance, but because it's still used by too many people as the default entry point into the Fediverse. Also, with every now users, the human and financial cost of maintaining it keeps growing and it really takes a toll on the project's resources.

Watched Cyberpunk '77 gameplay demo. Game sure looks beautiful and detailed. A lot of shooting with RPG stuff sprinkled over. Don't really know where the cyberpunk themes play into this, but of course that's just a gameplay demo so can't judge the lore and the overall message. But if I just have to judge the gameplay, all I could think about was "yawn, another FPS, I am too damn old for this shit".

I'd love to be proven wrong. In fact watch me quote this a year later saying "lol goty".


@Sylvhem no worries, it seems that 99.9% people don't know


@Sylvhem I thought people stopped doing the Gargamel bit after a while as they (re)discovered that this character was an anti-semitic portrayal?

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I still think there should be a mastodon instance that federates on a delay equal to the light distance from earth to mars, so it is as if that instance is transmitting from the red planet

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