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Chui au même café que la dernière fois avant mon entretien au même endroit qu'aujourd'hui 😁 ça fait un peu superstition mais ils font un bon café alors ça sert à rien de se priver 😏

I have the feeling I should post more here 🤔 🤷‍♂️

I was writing an article for work, I was at 40 lines, 1h of work. Then bug occured while I try to save, the software were a bit glitchy, and after saving it appears as if I didn't wrote at all, and there was no auto-save on that software I was using. I'm starting from nothing again... And I can only blame me for not doing more manual saves :/
Using Cryptpad now.

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Free download on , a sampler we made for Hans 50th birthday last winter.
Over 50 musicians were involved in this, including of doing one of our songs.. A huge honour for us! Check it out it's a wonderful thing.


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And by redirecting the output you can obtain an encrypted file :P

My encoding script can encode file content !! Woohoo !

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I think I want to ask a friend to start an independant music label with him 🤔

I forgot I discovered that masterpiece few years ago :owi:

Amdajitr (the odyssey of young), by The Steams

from the album Wild Ferment

I couldn't resist I bought it 😐
Bandcamp is an awesome place

I asked for a talk with my boss. I'm stressed

/me will try to ask for a raise today, even though he is planning to resign

I'm more and more interested in Dwarf Fortress. I want to enjoy playing it on my free time :) It really seems to be a game with infinite possibilities, like, a masterpiece, but not known enough because of its ui. And I'm not scared by that ui

Hey masto people. Ever heard of a place made to be like a cloud for ebooks ? Like you can import and read ? I have Calibre on my computer, but would like something I can access from anywhere

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The best picture I took during our trip to Nantes. I love how it seems that my gf is looking at a poster and all the frames that are created with that light.

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