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Je sais pas où on sera en fin de calendrier mais franchement top 20 sur plus de 1000 équipes, et vu le niveau des challenges, je suis vraiment super fier de notre équipe.

I would use more if it was using Markdown.

Tires me really fast by clicking to make a simple list or a title.

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Today is a good day to ditch Chrome.

Don't enable spying, privacy invasion and who-knows-what kind of human rights violations in China.

As alternatives try Safari or Firefox. Set your search engine to DuckDuckGo. Live happily ever after. :)

Self adapting system to find music based on your tastes

I recently started to listen to classical music again. I like it :)

Also added a station with my cli radio script, and it works smoothly, I didn't think I could code something that fast and working x)

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Avez-vous écouté notre podcast?

Qu'en pensez-vous?
N'hésitez pas à nous donner votre avis!

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Mon collègue Sylvain vient de sortir son super bouquin "Génies du code" pour se mettre à la programmation web :

Et si toi tu es motivé·e pour apprendre à coder, je t’offre un exemplaire du bouquin!
DM moi pour me parler de ta motivation :)

As @hackermanifestov instance is down since 2 days, I'm moving it to so it can live a life surrounded by people like him.

You can follow it again if you want :)

Bon, l'instance où j'avais mis mon bot est down depuis plusieurs jours mais je sais pas pourquoi :/ Je crois que je vais le migrer vers, à sa place :)

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For all the folks who "designed cool stuff" with Word back in the days... ;)

Suite à mon dernier article, des petits malins ont pensé que mon fichier twtxt.txt était situé sur mon blog :P Dommage

Upgraded my bash script for listening to online radios and made a git repo of it :)

Oh, seems to have to do with the instance. I'll be patient :)

info :

"How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour"

Lot of you already know everything said here, but it's always worth to read about that stuff :P

Why does the new toots of my bot don't appear in any timeline or in its profile ? :/

I can only see them when connected as that bot and on its page. Weird.

Just discovered Hawkpost :)

Feel free to send me anything from this, it'll be pgp encrypted with my public key and I love stuff that uses pgp :D

Haha, someone complained about my bot, asking the instance admin to block it x)

Had my first interaction on twtxt.

I'm smiling :)

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