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For me it all started with my love for , then took giant leaps because of my love for my children and finally ended with God's love for His children.

As a child, in school, I was soaking up my earth science textbook when I read something confusing. While reading about the geologic column it said the layers are dated by the they contain. I turn the page and it plainly explained that the fossils are dated by @masterofthetiger - 1/13

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If a will on his , he will lie to you. If a man will to you, hold on to your wallet, because he will from you too.

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@[email protected] for certain, we are two very folks 😋

but, my God tells me,
we have the same ,
we need the same ,
we will both ,
but that we both have
(in Him in the afterlife, and in helping others with their burdens in this life)

I have found these things to be true

I find when I suffer, puts folks in front of me who are suffering too. In his mercy, he built us to ease our own suffering by thinking of others. Can you find someone near you suffering too?

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Man says:
On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; and created he them. Genesis 1:27

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"It does not take a to prevail ... but rather an irate, , keen on setting brushfires of in the of men." -

People are reporting sightings of the Tasmanian tiger, thought to be extinct

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Silicon Valley is trying to subvert existing laws, money, values, and government. They are trying to “disrupt” it. It’s not going to work out well for them.

Gab exists to preserve, conserve, and export existing American values on the internet to the world.

Target="_blank" - the most underestimated vulnerability ever - Discover how to implement target="_blank" the right way to not be hacked. Written... #Front #Security #_blank by @[email protected]

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If you interested in some of the data available to anyone who scans your #BoardingCard, this site explains the #PNR code, the data behind it, and the systems the store decades of millions of travellers' most personal data, this is a good start: ourdataourselves.tacticaltech. #Privacy


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Tails is more important than ever in today's world as one of the best tools available to protect you from the unregulated and deadly
surveillance industry. @[email protected]

Donate now to fund our work in 2020.

Toilet rolls & tensions fly high in Barcelona amid fresh rallies in support of jailed pro-independence leaders (WATCH LIVE)

Defying Madrid’s demand to “firmly” keep order, supporters of jailed Catalan pro-independence leaders launched a fresh rally in Barcelona. The protest later turned into scuffles with police and barricades were also set ablaze. Read Full Articl...

EFF's @elliotharmon argues in @nytopinion that if Congress wants to punish Big Tech, it should be talking about privacy laws, not censorship.

GOONerment GOONsquad hard at work protecting us from Aloe Vera:

"taking prescribed medications is the fourth leading cause of death among Americans"

NOTHING to see here *innocent whistling*...

“By far the greatest number of [prescription drug-related] hospitalizations and deaths occur from drugs that are prescribed properly by physicians and taken as directed”

I will stop distro hopping the day I have tried every single distro.

Where you place your food in the fridge does matter

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