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If the flow of the can be a fluid analogue, then I may have to rethink my negative opinion of flagship (or large) instances.

The preferable, smaller, "eddy" instances (e.g. ) are made possible by the 'turbulence' (disunity), inevitably, created by the velocity of the larger instances.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the . [for] The sea of is never without a wave".

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How Does Mastodon Work? - @kev

If you're asking yourself "how does Mastodon work?" this post will provide an excellent answer. is an and social network.

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The Japanese goonerment goonsquad may have taken most of the guns but the madman can still use gasoline to kill 33 people can't he? IT'S NOT THE GUNS IT'S THE MADMEN!!!

Since I was about 20 I've studied #microsoft tactics and crimes against its competition. It's very crystal clear to me what plans they have for #linux

Did Microsoft change? No.

Changed >perceptions<. A PR campaign. It facilitates #infiltration
The Mozilla web dev and designer survey: tells me I have to enable js, so I enable js and refresh, at which point it tells me I've already taken the survey

This is the exact state of web dev in 2019
By paying companies like #Novell and #Canonical #Microsoft created the financial conditions that cultivate abandonment of #GNU / #Linux as a desktop platform. "Stay out of our turf, and you shalt be paid..."

DataSpii: Extensions hide their data grabs–and how they’re discovered

(submitted by sohkamyung)

Syncthing: An open source Dropbox replacement

(submitted by jseliger)

Looks like the PTB in NYS didn't like the Greens (103,946 votes) and the Libertarians (95,033 votes) getting so much attention during the last election cycle
Interesting that someone feels that 3.26% of the vote is a threat to the establishment
#Liberty #Freedom #NYS #Elections
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Is there justification for this? It looks like an assault on democracy to me. I don’t think population increase is a good enough justificat…

EFF: "And when we’re not fighting the NSA’s Big Brother machine, we’re pushing Facebook to quit abusing their users’ data." And then you take #google #surveillancecapitalism cash:
My job is, in part, keeping systems secure. Patched some servers hours ago. Suffice to say, we don't touch anything from #microsoft but today I found a #mono infection on a #debian server. How tha...?
Lots of spammy blog posts yesterday from #zemlinpac in various "Linux" blogs. And it seems like the PAC uses Windows for the site, but we're not entirely sure.
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