@vrsmd I was thinking of making something similar to what Stallman describes at stallman.org/facebook.html What do you think?

@masterofthetiger I like it. I'm familiar with keybase.io, onename.com and login.gov. Do you think a new app is needed or do you think mastodon verified profile links can be leveraged or improved or even standardized across fediverse app profiles instead?

Nope. This would have to be set aside and independent. It can't be a social network.

@masterofthetiger Well, I like the idea. Can you elaborate more on your take of the RMS Index to Putout Facebook?

The idea would be to make a public registration (with some good measures to prevent fake accounts) website where anyone can put some limited information about themselves for others to find and contact.

This would be independant and not a login system. It would be more like an online phonebook but with information other than your phone number.

It would be amazing if this were decentralized. But I can think of many issues with that which would need to be solved.

@masterofthetiger I was still confused on why these descriptive key/value pairs couldn't live on a decentralized social profile (i.e. mastodon), but it dawned on me that this is also intended to serve folks with no social profiles. For example, just an OpenPGP key and a BIP47 PayNym or just a Gitlab account, etc. Am I barking up the right tree now?

All it is supposed to be is a list of people and some info about them. They could link to a social network if they want, but yeah, I think you are getting the idea now.

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