Anyone know what happened to @[email protected]? They have seemed to have disappeared from the net...

@vrsmd I could be mistaken, but I think they defederated from several other instances. I sure miss many of them!

@vrsmd Looks like it's now running with a self signed security certificate. Firefox sure doesn't like it...

@vrsmd @darylsun Even the webpage is gone :o

The twitter account as well…

@sheogorath @vrsmd I swear the website was working yesterday, when I checked it for a blog post I was writing. Do you think they got hacked?

@darylsun @vrsmd In this case, this was done by someone who really wanted to clean things up and would be a complete asshole move.

But either this, or the person behind it decided that he doesn't like it anymore (I don't consider this likely).

Time to ask the op: @pfigel

Can you give some insight about what happened to switchingsocial's mastodon account?

@sheogorath @darylsun @vrsmd based on the available data it looks like the account was deleted by the owner, with no obvious signs of foul play. I have no knowledge as to what motivated that action.

Happy to assist the account owner with data recovery should the deletion not have been intentional or initiated by a third party.

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