A new report highlighted three things that have contributed to 's shrinking in recent years: (All related to prescription drugs, although the CDC did not purposely blame , the speaks for itself.)

2. Drug

4. as Prescribed

The fourth is from health.usnews.com/health-news/

is killing us... and for some reason in the more than any other.

Video out of Hong Kong shows a protester turning tear gas into its harmless solid form.

"This is what happens when you have chemistry grads fighting against tyranny,” commented Ian Miles Cheong.

“Imagine what they could do if they had degrees in Sociology and Gender Studies!” joked another respondent.


How do you keep your French pressed warm? a coat for for it! ☕+🧥=🎉

I wonder how much would happen if got the other half of their paycheck back from the goonerment goonsquad? What would the world look like if everyone in got paid twice as much overnight? We're trained to say "thank you worshipful master" when they allow us a "tax return" once a year, while they are taking 50% of every paycheck. Maybe moving to is the answer after-all!?

Hey look what I found on my cereal box this morning. sounds an awful lot like , too bad it's not backed by a otherwise it could be called

This is what does with the money it steals, it benefits its friends. @NPR you will never get any other result if you take money from folks at the barrel of a gun, cannot beget incorruption. Ends never justify the means. is much more efficient.


Jeff Deist, president at the venerable mises.org, wrapping up AbbevilleInstitute.org conference with a centered and thoughtful talk suggesting there could be benefits to using "small revolutions" within the system, which everyone is familiar.

Pastor Dan Fisher of theresonancemovement.com and two term State Representative and gubernatorial candidate giving a great and lively presentation at AbbevilleInstitute.org conference.

Michael Boldin from the based TenthAmendmentCenter.com giving a very informative, passionate speech at the AbbevilleInstitute.org conference in on

Marcus Ruiz Evans from yescalifornia.org speaking at AbbevilleInstitute.org conference on secession making great points and receiving a very warm welcome as the self described "liberal in the room"


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