**Mexican reporter found dead with stab wounds amid escalating violence**

"A Mexican journalist was found dead with stab wounds on Saturday, authorities said, adding to a growing list of reporter deaths in one of the world's most dangerous countries for the press. "


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FACT: 15 Aug 2010, over 184 billion bitcoins were maliciously generated. A major vulnerability was exploited, but fixed within hours.

Osada resurrected


#Osada was created originally by Mike #Macgirvin, the force behind #Friendica, #RedMatrix, #Hubzilla, and #Zap. Mike is the quintessential mad scientist and possibly a visitor from the future: I'm still uncertain. Many of his ideas have proven to be years ahead of their time. This project was abandoned in early 2019 so Mike could devote all of his efforts towards advanced social network technologies - in particular Zap. With Mike's permission the stewardship has been take of the codebase to provide an #ActivityPub project with some of the more advanced features made possible by the Zot6 and OpenWebAuth protocols.

UPDATE: CPS Whistleblower Found, Shaken Up After Scare

She had gone missing. Thanks to patriots coming together she has been found. It appears intimidation tactics were used to try to silence Kathy. When Kathy is ready to tell her story, we will have it for you right here at The DC Patriot!


History is simply yesterday's news published in a book. We know how fake news is. What makes you think that even 50% of what you read is true? Every goonerment goonsquad writes the story of how they got here. It's lies...

@tho for certain, we are two very folks 😋

but, my God tells me,
we have the same ,
we need the same ,
we will both ,
but that we both have
(in Him in the afterlife, and in helping others with their burdens in this life)

I have found these things to be true

I find when I suffer, puts folks in front of me who are suffering too. In his mercy, he built us to ease our own suffering by thinking of others. Can you find someone near you suffering too?

@tho I am genuinely sorry to hear about these trials. Today I feel I can get closer to understanding your suffering. I'm taking a break from writing my dad's obituary. He died three hours ago. I suppose it may be the reason I wanted to respond to your intro post.

Here is my opinion on how to find relief and a meaning of life on mastodon:

Relief: Find some and hashtags that you like and follow them for an endless stream of on-demand relief. and could be a good start.

A : For me, this is loving others how you wish others to love you, in their position. It was once rephrased as "be the change you want to see", but the change is not the goal, it is the people of

The internet makes everything faster and cheaper. Email is faster/cheaper than snailmail. Bitcoin will achieve the same outcome for money.


"A community college professor in Iowa has told local media that he is a member of #Antifa amid an investigation into his social media posts which reportedly express support for attacking #PresidentTrump and killing #EvangelicalChristians."

#ANTIFA is a terrorist org - worldwide!!

Facebook just banned all ads by The Epoch Times.

YouTube very likely to follow suit.

@Synclair we haven't had that spirit here since 1776.

"A metastasizing swath of media is controlled by private-equity vultures and capricious billionaires and other people who genuinely believe that they are rich because they are smart and that they are smart because they are rich, and that anyone less rich is by definition less smart. They know what they know, and they don’t need to know anything else."

This hurts, but it's no less real.


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