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TikTok TTS voice reading out GCC compiler errors and warnings.

foo.c line 75! warning! dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules!

"oops better take my phone with me, so nobody steals it"

-me when getting up in public, while leaving the bag with the several times more expensive laptop unattended

"I'm cringe and that's based
I'll never be based and that's not cringe
There's no one I'd rather be
than me"

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Take a drink every time someone says "unicode characters" but really means "characters that aren't usually used in English"

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Das lustigste Schild bei der #mch2022 das ganze Campgelände ist scout Gelände...

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World'o'Techno is an amazing location specific generative music machine that has made the rounds at SHA, EMF, CCC and now #mch2022. It has a label that says "Please take the art for a walk"

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Kinder Surprise is a gateway to harder stuff. Jugendliche Jumpscare

I'm on a ferry that was launched in 2022, and the tablet PC that dispenses beverages in its restaurant is probably more powerful than all the computers they used to design the predecessor to this ship (which was launched 1988).

And they use this computing power for nothing more than to display the shittiest beverage dispensing UI you could conceive of!

I think we should expect the Banach-Tarski paradox to be unintuitive, because after all it does not describe the physical world that our intuition is based on.

To be clear, the identity server is an _entirely separate_ service that provides a single feature only: the ability to look up someone's Matrix ID from their phone number or email address, if they've added it to the server. Why is it a thing? Because nobody has yet figured out a way to do it decentralized (no, DHTs don't solve the issue of verified ownership). I think maybe they just shouldn't have a thing that scares people this much, even if it's harmless and possibly useful to someone.

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Hot take: I believe the 3PID and identity server system in Matrix was sort of a mistake.

Its usage is entirely optional, explicitly opt-in, and the actual Matrix protocol has no sort of dependency on it whatsoever. But its existence and proneness to getting misunderstood almost makes me feel like Matrix is accidentally self-FUDing themselves with its existence.

Using the word "distro" to refer to separate operating systems that are mostly compatible yet incompatible with each other in subtle ways, is actually FSF propaganda to further their viewpoint that all these OSes are actually merely their "GNU" operating system, and to diminish the work done by other open source communities. In this video essay, I will

What if Valve started explicitly supporting ARM on Steam for Linux :thonking: like telling developers to compile for ARM and so on

Sonic CD has such a nice idea with its time travel, but with the way they implemented it, you basically can't do it all correctly without a map of each level.

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