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Is Horny on Main anywhere near Frankfurt?
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Did you know that screenreaders are reading out the emojis in your usernames? Maybe consider making it just one or getting rid of them alltogether.


I just watched through the first season of Disenchantment, that was some good shit 👀👌👀👌

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Find out your GAY NAME!

Your first name +

*gets down on one knee*

My last name

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🖐️Pet regularly
🐶Ensure adequate play
✈️Be prepared to travel
🚿Frequent grooming
⚠️Beware tail when excited
🎨Fur compliments appreciated
🦈Keep clear of sharks
❤️Mild-mannered, good boy

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Everyone is talking about birdsite versus Fediverse or Pleroma vs Mastodon, but the only TRUE social network was PictoChat.
Everything else is just a shitty intimation

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Mode Type: User (Server)
Letter: +Ⓥ
Name: Vegan
Description: Denotes that a user is vegan, thus saving them the trouble of telling everyone they meet. Replaces QUIT and PART messages with "User is Vegan" and prepends "Ⓥ " to all outgoing messages.

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It's not DNS

There's no way it's DNS

It was DNS

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Upgrade maintenance is currently taking place on servers. We expect there to be several minutes of downtime between now and 10am UTC. Check the status page at

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THEOREM: Finns are better than Brits at dry humour

PROOF: (no knowledge of Finnish language required)

I have moved forward into the 21st century, by purchasing a 1440p computer monitor. Finally, I can see things in their full glory in front of my own eyes at my own computer desk :amaze:

people don't talk much about their pronouns in Finland

I wonder if it's because there is only one third-person pronoun in Finnish, no gendered ones exist :thonking:

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someone give Nicholas Serv his presidential medal of freedom for tirelessly ensuring the identity of all IRC users