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Google Maps seems designed for a US-like suburban design and zoning type of environment, and can't fathom that businesses and homes can coexist in the same area. These buildings are randomly colored yellow and grey, yet pretty much all of them are residential buildings.

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Es gibt übrigens noch Tickets für das ganz wunderbare Hackercamp @mch2022camp Ende Juli in Zeewolde 🇳🇱
Wen aus meiner Timeline sehe ich dort?

Why are there no two consistent implementations of video playback controls using a game controller?

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boost for coverage please thanks

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are you straight? cis? want to be a good ally and be supportive during the upcoming pride month? give your queer friends your credit card number, expiry and CVV


(Jussi Halme is the musician behind the music in the original meme video as well)

I finished setting up one of the least useful but still pretty cool computer setups I've ever built. I had a leftover desktop PC with no SSD or anything for it, so I set it up to run diskless. It boots Arch Linux using PXE and mounts its entire filesystem from my file server using NFS.

There are no traces of this whole setup physically inside the computer itself, so if you took it out of my house you couldn't see that anything weird like this had been done at all!

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Hello World! We are live on Mastodon! #EUVoice
Follow us!

Always on that grindd 😎

My dentist said I even grind while asleep 🤑

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@ajroach42 there is a bit of a misconception about GNU Taler being associated with blockchain or being a cryptocurrrency when its aims seem to be more to provide an accountable, privacy-respecting and open standard for transaction processing so you are not beholden to any particular payment processor.

It's a shame the mindspace around digital currency is so dominated by blockchain BS because it would still be nice to have a decent way to transact amongst people and merchants and institutions like credit unions without a Paypal or Stripe or the like getting in the way...

at least until such time we've finally gotten around to fully automating gay space communism :blobtonguewink:


Thanks for the redesign, guys. Real helpful.

(This is a button to call the traffic lights, an older and newer design of the same device. You have to press the top area to activate it, which has a big circle on the old version, and an inexplicable pyramid thing on the new version. Even though I had seen the old version a thousand times before, the new one *still* confused me and I pressed the wrong place at least once.)

Me sowing: yes! Ha ha ha! Yes!!

Me reaping: what the fuck? This fucking sucks what even is this

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Ways you can celebrate World Rat Day:

-pet a rat
-give a rat a treat
-share pictures of rats with your friends
-deliberately reintroduce rats into Alberta
-cuddle with a rat

My fairphone 3 is basically the phone equivalent of “I want shorter games with worse graphics made by people paid more to work less and I'm not kidding”.

It's more expensive, it's uglier, it doesn't perform as well, but I absolutely wanted this and I'm not kidding

Can the Steam Deck OS image run fine on generic PC? I want to try it on a GPD Win

Why did RAM and hard drives whop so much in the 90s?

"Every elden has its ring..." -John 'Elden' Ring, protagonist of the Elden Ring video game

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