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noticed one of my shirts says "OECAN BLUE" on it

emotions that have no name: when you arrive in a foreign city by plane, the feeling when you transition from being inside the airport among a bunch of other travelers, to being in the city itself among a bunch of local people just doing their daily business

i like how in mario galaxy when you're bee mario, you press the bee button to fly today is the only day you're allowed to listen to this

excerpts from reality:

"why would this memory card reader connect to a USB-C port, I don't have a USB-C port on my computer"

"Yes you do"


"Yeah it's on the back"

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I can't read. if you also can't read, boost this toot

welcome back to another episode of "is the left channel on my stereo broken or does this song just start like this"

ripping cds and putting them on a server at home > spotify

every copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars is personalized

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Pick your poison:
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"as one door closes, another door opens" as my uncle used to say. lovely chap, terrible cabinet maker.

Anyone have suggestions for smol smartphones that aren't horribly underspecced and run modern software? Not currently out to buy a new phone really, but keeping my eyes open.

Right now I'm temporarily on a Moto E2, which is a comfy form factor but the hardware is absolutely horrible for trying to do literally anything on.

spicy take: I don't particularly enjoy listening to the Beatles

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boost if you're old enough to remember when this was called the address bar 😭

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Shipping of #PinePhone, #PineTab and #PinebookPro is about to start.

Shipping update thread can be found here:

Please refrain from emailing info and/or sales with shipping update requests, use the linked forum thread. Thank you!

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