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why do people like anime girls, like why are waifus such an insanely big deal. all anime girls look lthe same

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THERE IS NO WAY THIS WILL OBVIOUSLY BACKFIRE! | Australia Becomes First Western Nation to Ban Secure Encryption

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How did we let the Web get to this point. All I wanted to do was read this blog post.
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Adblocking isn't unethical. Covering your website in trackers, spying on users, and compromising their security to make a buck is.

mfw people respond to the tumblr thing by just setting up new centralised clones of tumblr that will probably get like 500 users and then die

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If we all stand on one side of the fediverse, then it will flip over and reveal the hidden timeline.

knuckles is the wario of the sonic series send toot

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Welcome to 2019, traveler from 2009. The brief:
-sysadmins are now "ops"
-servers are all just "cloud" something
-algorithms are "AI"
-DBs are "blockchains"
-Everything that spies on people is "smart"

Good luck. And update your CV with the above words.

Look, it's my local library 📚🦊

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Anyone know who made the Clown Computing stickers seen at ?

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Gooood morning #35c3! Matrix are at our assembly in Hall 2 - come say hi, and/or chat to us in The brand new Matrix-XMPP bridge is also running well, come hear about it!

if you don't have at least two laptops with you at c3, what are you even doing

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