Random fact: the Finnish word "juottaa" means both to make someone drink (the drinking equivalent of "to feed"), and to solder

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the sonic the hedgehog series originally transitioned from 3D to 2D, since the first game he appeared in was 3D

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Explanation: the entire Burger King and Taco Bell chains in Finland (as well as some other national restaurant chains) are owned and operated by a cooperative which is run by the Left alliance (descendant of the old Communist party), and funds them as well as various other socialist and marxist activities

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Americans eat at a fast food chain and end up funding bigotry, Finns eat at American fast food chains and end up funding Communism instead


I did mess up one of the plywood edges by sawing it wrong (visible in the picture). It doesn't bother me, since it's a learning experience in the end.

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I made an iPad table (at my local hackerspace)! This will fit a small desk frame I have at home, which is capable of tilting the desk surface similar to what I have simulated in this picture. I believe it's an old school desk, but I'm not sure.

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example emulator names

for 8-bit micros: The Computulator 4.9x

for sega consoles: sakuraLUCIDITY

for nintendo consoles: Blop

for playstation consoles: PXT2TT4PC4XXL

for xbox consoles: Codename m1ndload presents Operation Durden

hypothetical scenario:

Somehow acquire ownership of ipfs.io, and then make all NFT URLs (all the ones that point to ipfs.io) return a poop emoji or whatever instead of the actual image from IPFS

Watch all the cryptobros instantly flip over from "code is law" mode into "spirit of the law, not the letter of the law!" mode

The city where I live is globally a significant producer of both cruise ships and contraceptives. Just a fun fact.

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@vurpo This is no longer the case for Fractal Next.

Basically, anyone who uses Fractal should be aware that it may leak their Matrix account's password in case someone steals their device. This makes it unsuited for use on devices with a high risk of theft and getting compromised, such as phones.

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Fractal (the Gnome @matrix client) still stores the logged-in user's password on the computer, even though this is what a client is supposed to *not* do. If my device somehow gets compromised, I can usually remotely delete that session off my account and remain safe, however the Fractal developers thought ( gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/fractal ) that it would be a usability benefit for the user if it remembers their password whenever their session gets remotely signed out. What??

It's my hypothesis that Wisconsin actually IS the Moon, and it's just a simple optical illusion making it look like it's on Earth. Evidence:

- made of cheese

Lilla jul ("little Christmas"): traditionally celebrated on the day that precedes the fourth-to-last Sunday preceding Christmas Day. Invented by someone with a grudge against the concept of calendars and calendar software programmers.

You trace the etymology of English words, and the word has roots in like Latin, Proto-Germanic, Sanskrit, and Klingon and means something different every 100 years

But then you trace the etymology of a Finnish word, and its origin is in a word from 10 000 years ago that sounded the same and meant the same thing

I'm currently walking outside with a baguette sticking out of my bag like some kind of Frenchman

There's even an entire chain, R-kioski, in Finland who's entire proposition used to be that they are closer to you and have longer opening hours than the alternatives (at the cost of being more expensive of course). Nowadays they are neither: I have one corner shop and one supermarket within 1 km which are open around the clock, whereas my closest R-kioski location closes at 21. Even "normal" corner shops tend to be open until 22 or 23 here!

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