I want to store data. (Backups, photos, other stuff) So where can I get a few terabytes of space to put stuff? I'm not really feeling like buying hard drives and managing backups and replacing drives and whatever, so I'm wondering if there's someone on the internet who will sell me some space to store things on. Something that's reliable, backed up, and not likely to disappear within a couple of years.

The public transport company of Turku can't even use its own colours correctly in the same app

Where is that bot that generates new tech by joining two random technology names with " over "

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- stand alone
- walk to a counter to talk to someone
- stand with a doctor
- walk in the room to see my friend crying while laying on the bed

Did they expand from game development into single-user cutlery?

Instructions for improving your Riot experience:

Anyone know something like Plex or Emby, but open source? Just looking for the ability to view some stuff on different devices and on a Chromecast.

Just found this @krita sticker I had, I love it but I'm afraid to stick it anywhere because I only have one...

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Finnish people keep making the same tired joke about how "summer" supposedly doesn't exist in Finland (as in "what summer, amirite lmao")

As if they forgot those couple months last year when all of Finland collectively lost their minds because it was regularly over 30°C

I've been watching Futurama, and it's fun to see how it (the original run, that is) has turned from futuristic into retrofuturistic after it was originally released.

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rot13 is broken, I encrypt all my hard drives using enterprise-grade rot6500 encryption

Retuperän WBK (student band at Aalto University) plays some really funny music that's basically comedy for music nerds.

Essentially, they play (classical) classics, but they do it wrong in the best way possible. Go listen to them.

They have already abused this position more than once. They boycotted playing a specific artist's music on their channels entirely, when he hosted a competing TV channel's game show. And there's evidence to suggest that they've done the same thing more than once.

Source: iltalehti.fi/musiikki/a/ffbe5c

Something big and not good is happening in the world of Finnish music.

Nelonen Media is traditionally a TV (and radio) channel company, but in recent years they've acquired both the biggest festival organising company, as well as several smaller record labels.

There's an obvious conflict of interest here now. The same company that owns the record labels also produces the festivals, the music galas, and TV shows.

continue reading (the worst part) 👉

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