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The highlighted text is how much of the Wikipedia article for the Atari 2600 you could store in its RAM

Why do Signal client versions "expire"? I tried changing my phone clock to next year for unrelated reasons, and then noticed that the Signal app said its version is too old and must be updated to keep working. It brought me to the Play Store where there was no update. After changing the time back, it worked properly again.

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conduit is running and federating on my 486!!!

i have a 486 as a matrix homeserver!!!

In animal crossing, you can have the aurora borealis localized entirely within your kitchen

expired: transistor radio
tired: vacuum tube radio
wired: relay radio

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How to join a #IRC channel via #matrix:

1. Type /join into your client.

Done! 🤯

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Freenode has put redirects in place on >325 channels bridged to Matrix. The bridge doesn't follow redirects so you'll have to manually rejoin the new address if needed. Tell us in if your channel is stuck. We're setting up the @[email protected] bridge asap.


It's in Kansanpuisto on the Ruissalo island in Turku. This beach is where Ruisrock, the biggest music festival in Finland, is held (at least during years when there's no covid)

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Here I am, at one of the most popular beaches in Finland (during a couple of days each year)

popular media: it's like past 18 so that means it's already dark outside

me: it's 22 and still bright outside

So I've been surprised at how much vegan mayonnaise is just like any ordinary mayo (at least the brand I've tried).

Or I was surprised, until I remembered what mayo is and how it's made. Then it made perfect sense to me that it's not hard to make a vegan version of that, which is basically the same in taste and texture.

Anyone want to buy a Surface Dock (1661)? I'm thinking maybe 100€

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Please be careful people. I lost about 6 people in my family and this was the first survivor in my family. All were very young (less than 45). #Coronavirus doesn't only kill old people, young people may die too. Take it seriously please.

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when people update a wikipedia page by adding a new sentence to describe new developments, without making any changes to the previous (now outdated) sentences

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Dresses and skirts with pockets.

Boost if you agree.

wondering if I should just sell my Surface and get an ipad with the apple pencil to replace it 🤔

Because the Surface is x86 and has a fan (of course) and Windows and stuff

You know what? Fuck you. *fungs your tokens*

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