Building aesthetics: this is the old ASA radio and TV factory, which is nowadays used by Åbo Akademi University.



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In response to the President Trump (USA)'s executive order blocking all commercial and non-commercial property transactions with Venezuela, Adobe has begun cancelling accounts belonging to Venezuelans.

Regardless of this being a continued embargo, this is a lesson to be learned to never trust software which makes it obligatory to register an account in order to use the features of that software.


"I have a cool new idea for a data structure: it's a linked list where each node stores the hash of the previous node, and to add a node you need ten minutes and computing power equal to the energy consumption of Iceland."

"The pigeonhole rule says that if you drill n+1 holes in n pigeons, then you'll have some pigeon with at least 2 holes drilled in it."

Another fun fact is that despite being Finnish, Tove herself only ever wrote Moomin stories in Swedish and English.

Did you know that the creator of the Moomins (Tove Jansson) was gay, and wrote her girlfriend (Tuulikki Pietilä) into the Moomin universe as Too-Ticky?

To this day people often avoid the subject by using vague words like "life partner" and "lived together with", but to me that just sounds like LGBT erasure.

my cursor has started randomly disappearing in Gnome (when moving it into Gnome-Shell's own UI such as the top bar or dock or whatever) 🤔

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Remember that time when Silvio Berlusconi called Finnish food horrible and inedible, and a Finnish pizza chain responded by making a "Pizza Berlusconi" featuring traditional Finnish-style ingredients, and won an international "best pizza" award for it?

tragedy 25 years ago 

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Riot/Web 1.4.0 and Synapse 1.4.0rc1 are here with massive improvements to data privacy, including making identity servers strictly opt-in only; selectable integration managers; garbage collecting redactions & much much more. Read all about it:

I just decided to see what YouTube's front page featured exactly 10 years ago using, and noticed a pretty wild coincidence when comparing to my own current front page

new drinking game: drink some water to stay hydrated

I wonder if this information is enough to identify the specific cafeteria, or if there are more cafeterias in the world that are named this way

eating lunch in a cafeteria named after a man who had an element named after him

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