Finnish people keep making the same tired joke about how "summer" supposedly doesn't exist in Finland (as in "what summer, amirite lmao")

As if they forgot those couple months last year when all of Finland collectively lost their minds because it was regularly over 30°C

@vurpo I get irrationally pissed off when I hear this from a fellow Finn. I was melting and miserable through that unbearable this . I love , wind, rain and snow though. Im more of a kind of person I guess. So I bet some people were fine with that heat.

More snow and cold please! its depressing outside right now.

The Dutch have a similar sentiment, joking: I love summer, it is the best day of the year. Which is equally untrue but at least it is a bit more humorous.

If there are more summers like last year's on offer, please let me know where to sign. Thanks.

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