Libre software is about empowering users.

It's about the users having rights, instead of developers having rights.

This is fundamental and non-negotiable.

When you purposefully and deliberately shut out a significant portion of your community over your personal feelings, you are taking away the rights of your users.

Libre software developers should be dedicated to making adoption of libre software easier. Better user interfaces and experiences. Wider compatibility. That's how we all win.

Put another way: I really hate x86 and Wayland.

The x86 platform is a disaster and a constant source of headaches. I would prefer not to ever touch any x86 machines. Yet I am consistently fixing issues in them for @AdelieLinux so users have choice.

Similarly, I think Wayland is a fool's project and that the effort going in to NIHing a display technology should be invested into solidifying X11 instead. But we still offer Wayland as a second option in Adélie for those who prefer it.

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@awilfox Was Wayland not born originally from X developers brainstorming a wishlist of what they'd want to do in a hypothetical X12 if they could break compatibility? X11 is held back by 30 years of backward-compatibility at this point.

@vurpo Nope!

X12 hypothetical was written by a completely different group, 3 years after Wayland started. The X12 spec deliberately calls out network transparency and framebuffer support as critical, while Wayland does away with network transparency ("no one cares" per the Wayland dev I spoke to) and virtually no compositors support fbdev.

I'd support what X12 wanted to be; Wayland falls short of that. Maybe with extensions. But then we're right back where we were with X11.

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