I do love how the new Firefox branding works, though :blobcatsip:

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It's funny because VPNs will become (largely) obsolete as soon as DoH properly kicks in, as you'll be hiding your traffic from your ISP anyway.

I doubt it makes it to China, though, since they only use plain HTTP anyway (I wonder why). And you can still take advantage of hiding your IP from the servers themselves, although Tor is more fitting for that.

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@espectalll Not 100% hidden since ISPs will still know with what websites what IP addresses are usually associated (depends on if the server hides behind something like cloudflare of course)

@espectalll They can see that you just made a DoH request and then immediately afterwards contacted IP address X, so they know you requested some domain name which resolves to X

Which can *sometimes* reveal what you're browsing or doing

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