It's a bit unintuitive how a free-for-all wiki-style map could have more accurate data than a curated one that accepts suggestions, but the data just speaks for itself. Google Maps has a nonsensical name for my hometown's railway station despite attempts to fix it by sending a suggestion (they just reject it), while OpenStreetMap has always been more correct and also more detailed on this place.

@vurpo I've had similarly better luck with OpenStreetMaps than Google in Lebanon & Ukraine both

@xananax One thing would be if they accidentally accepted a nonsense edit suggestion into Google Maps, but this has been like this for years (also in Helsinki) and if you try to suggest they fix it they just reject it.

@vurpo yep I'm not sure why they do this either. But I'm happy for every victory of open source against Google!

@vurpo you know the map compare tool?

That's always impressive when i show it to others:

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