@vurpo I've been wondering this whole summer what will be of those pesky scooters. To me they look like a terrible hazard in many ways, specially given that companies operating them don't seem to care about picking the scooters back for the winter. It won't be fun to have snowplows bumping into them and getting broken, for example. Its surprising that the local city governments are not doing anything about the scooter pest 😑

@aperezdc Over here they've been cooperating with the city and stuff whatnot, and usually they're not in the way, but sometimes you just see one that's directly in the path. And they apparently have no intention of taking them away during snow season, even though during summer they did take all the boards away for a couple of days for a music festival (which was a smart move).

@vurpo Sounds a bit better than over here in the capital. They're everywhere and often dangerously left in the middle of bike lanes and sidewalks with many people passing during the day.

I guess the conclusion is that... Festival goers are scarier and can do more damage than winter? 🤔

@aperezdc Helsinki and Turku (this place) have publicly operated more traditional docked city bike systems as well. It's a shame they're slightly more of a hassle to use (can't just pay for it then and there on your phone).

Also Helsinki takes the bikes away in October while Turku just puts winter tires on theirs 😎

@vurpo yeah, I've been using the city bikes in Helsinki and while the service is overall pretty good there's room for improvement. As a bicycle fan, I'd love to continue having them with winter tyres for the rest of the year. Probably part of the fleet would need to be taken into storage because ridership would be lower with the cold, but surely many would still use the bikes in winter 😌

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