Sweden and Finland are so much more similar than what the stereotypes make it seem like.

Like, if you think of pure stereotypes, Sweden is like some happy utopia in the countryside in summer with meatballs and IKEA, while Finland is a rainy, dark depressing empty field where people drink and commit various acts of violence.

In reality, when you go from Sweden to Finland it's like going to some parallel universe: everything is exactly the same except they speak a weird foreign language.

@vurpo you could stay in one of the purported ones and find out
@hakui @vurpo I mean I have a friend who lives in malmö who complains a lot about very loud foreign neighbors and violent stuff happening nearby but never about actual no-go stuff w

I don't know how much to trust media who just tries to spark outrage about it
@shpuld @vurpo if your friend ran into no-go stuff i don't think you'd be hearing it from him w
@hakui @vurpo I mean he might as well live in the worst areas of the city, it's easy to spread the memes about places you've never been to

@hakui pretty sure those are a myth perpetuated by the establishment elites around the world

@vurpo i thought the establishment myth was "they're swedish just like us, now welcome them or you're a bigot"

@vurpo don't know about Sweden but Leffen is an oh boy oh boy so salty boy.

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